Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Unusual Saturday

Oddly enough I actually enjoyed going to the Saturday session yesterday at NorthEastern University. On Saturday I would just usually go to BCNC to play volleyball. Atleast the session was pretty helpful and useful. Learned a lot of new things and learned more about the University itself. Only problem I had with the session was that it began way too early. Well, too early for me. I had to set up my alarm at 5 a.m this morning. I eventually woke up at 6:25 a.m due to my really annoying alarm clock on my cellphone (Lupe's verse from Touch the Sky). I also kind of regret not to bring my camera. I could have uploaded some photos of the tour and the classes. I will try to bring my camera next session and hopefully next time it would not be as cold!

Darn. These old Michael Jordan Gatorade Commercials are getting into my head.
"If I can be like Mike"

"Be like Mike 1"

"be like mike 2"

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