Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thinking about making multiple clubs for the school. Tell me what you guys think!

- Recycle club
- Obryant Edition Newspaper

Other clubs that I will be joining/ have joined.
- Asian Culture Club
- Yearbook
- Obryant Volunteer

Fantasy week 3


This lost makes me 1-2 for the season. After a disapointing week 2, I come into week 3 looking for a win. Instead Maurice Fucking Jones Drew and Reggie Wayne had an explosive game. AND MY KICKER, he only scored two fucking points! TWO POINTS! WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the Redskins. Hope they lose next week as I picked up a brand new kick this week. Also picked up Jabar Gafney, Bengals (D/ST) and Issac Bruce. All good pickups since Galloway sucks and Heath Evan is a big gamble to start. But FML, I should have won this game but atleast it wasn't as bad as week 2.

My week 2 results ( wished I didnt benched Rivers) FML.
Rivers scored 26 pts that week

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Uhhh, so last night I had the strangest dream ever! I was on the last train heading back to Brighton. I was dead tired so I knew I was going to sleep on the train. So while I was waiting for the train I set my alarm clock for 1230 because I was hoping the alarm clock would wake me up. So on the train, I found a seat in the corner. I love those seats because it makes sleeping a whole lot easier and less embarrassing.I started to doze off. So while I was dozing off I had a vision that I kept on twisting and turning on the train. I was dreaming that I couldn't sleep and that I was still in the tunnel of the train. That the first time that ever happened to me. Then suddenly, what felt like 4 minutes was actually 30 minutes. Then suddenly my phone started to ring. It was my alarm clock that I set up at 1230. And before I knew it, I was already in Allston. I was totally freaking out because my dream felt like 4 minutes. I started to think to myself that I was dreaming. So I started slapping myself. Putting on my ipod. I probably looked like a total dumb ass. When the train was coming to my stop, I began to walk. I immediately fell down. I was dizzy, eyes were tired and I couldn't even walk a straight line. So when I got off the train I started sleep walking. Thank god I made it home safe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing to worry about

So I've been in school for a week and a half now. I seriously thought that senior year was goona be tough but I guess there is nothing to worry about. Sure, it may be stressful at times but its not as stressful as I was expecting. I love my schedule and my classmates are pretty much cool.

English is probably the worst class that I have. I find the class extremely boring. All we do all day is listen to audio tapes in class which is way different than what I did last year. Maybe that is the reason I find the class so horrible. Well atleast I have a few friends that I can talk to in class.

Stats class is probably the only class that I look forward to almost everyday. Class goes by so fast and I learn so much in that class. It is the best math course that I have ever taken. Sure, some things do not make sense but that is okay because the teacher will go over it many times until the whole class gets it. I love that class. The only downfall about the class is that I have no one I really talk to in that class since it is mixed with Juniors and Seniors.

Sociology is okay. I kinda enjoy the class conversations we have because I am allowed to input my opinions in class freely. The only thing I dislike about the class is that Ms.Bailey needs to shut the f*ck up sometimes. Some of her shit does not make any sense and it really offends me. Somedays I just wanna go up there and smack her.

APES is probably the only class that I do not stress over. This is the second year with Ms.Chesnut so I know how to do the assignments, what she likes and how the class is goona go. Coincidentally I sit in the same exact seat where I sat last year. I kinda enjoy that seat because its right in the middle so it forces me to pay attention. I kinda enjoy the class because there isn't much work but I know I will need to work my ass off when it comes exam week which is in May.

Microeconomics is fun. We do alot of note taking and experiments. It kinda reminds me of AP United States History but without the long outlines and homework. One thing I do not enjoy about the class is that she is the only teacher that collects do nows. I hate doing do nows and I think they are useless. However it is an easy way to get points in her class so I guess its kind of a good thing.

The last class of the day is Study. I love study class because I can go anywhere I want. The past few days I would just walk around the school, say hi to all my teachers, visit a few classes, head to Dunkin Donuts down at dudley and just carefree stuff. I should really do my homework in that class but I find it hard to concentrate in that class. I guess I'll give it another try tomorrow.

Seriously, I love my schedule this year. The classes are not as stressful as I was expecting and I love the teachers besides for Ms.Bailey. Seriously, there is nothing to worry about.

mick boogie finally done some good on this mix.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


cant wait to play this.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Another lazy day. Slept for hours,played tons of xbox ,did a bit of studying and played with my phone. I surely love these lazy days. Gives me time to relax, do some chores and just enjoy myself. I don't have much homework this weekend, so I decided to give myself a small day off. I actually got to clean some of my room and got through folding my laundry. I hate folding laundry so much! Pretty much a lazy Saturday.Up doing stats homework now.

one of my favorite songs from Asher's debut album

Oh, I forgot to mention that I changed my schedule for school. Instead of taking Bio 2 I am taking biotech during 6th period which means I will have study during 4th. I had a chance to take APES but I decided not to.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michael Jordan

One of basketball best was inducted in the hall of fame yesterday. A historical moment that it was. Michael Jordan really deserves it.6 rings, over 5 mvps and so many other titles. So this one is for you MJ.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blah blah blah

First day of the school year was today. Any fun? Not really but sure was exciting. I already knew that I was going to have English Honors first period with Owen, Ve, Kevin and Stephanie. But I wasn't expecting to see some of my AP English friends to be in my first period. Decided to sit with Hussain, a fellow classmate in my English class last year. I was supposed to sit with Ve, but I thought she was going to follow me and she went her own way. Haahha, sorry. The class wasn't that bad. There are alot of people who I wish weren't there but at least its not full of ghetto kids. During first period we got our ANNUAL bus pass. Yes, that is right, annual bus passes. In my opinion I think this is a STUPID idea because what if I lose a bus pass. I would have to pay full fare every time I take the train or bus. Other than that, I thought 1st period wasn't too bad. I have a good group of classmates and the teacher seems really nice and reasonable. Stats class was probably the best class of the day. It just felt like one of those summer classes but instead it was shorter and the class size was smaller. Instructions were confusing at first but Vu later explained it to me. lol As for the next two classes, I hated them. Ms.Bailey is a crazy. Most of her ideas and philosophies don't make sense at all. Biology 2 was bad because it was boring and the teacher seems mean. >>. Lunch felt short. As the day progressed, classes felt shorter and before I knew it the final bell rang. Now all I need to do is get out of those two classes or learn to like them.

After school, Stephanie gave me a ride. It was a smooth ride but I think it would it have been faster if she went through brookline instead of going all the way to copley and switching to the highway. Went home, took a 30 min nap and went to studying. Called up kevin to head to staples and went home. Ate and now watching football. I love football season. Hopefully my team does good this year. Rivers and Jackson FTFW!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm not goona go nostalgic on you guy by saying how I remember everything I did because frankly, it would be impossible to remember and write out everything I did. I had a fantastic summer. As school is coming closer, I can not help but to think about how much time I spent with my friends enjoying summer. Partying, playing videogames, listening to music, studying and just relaxing. Sure, I could have used my time more wisely as well as my money. I can not even calculate how much money we wasted on party cups, drinks and food. I bet it was alot though. haha. Its been a good summer.


I can't believe it has been ten years already. Ten years since I bought the Dreamcast. Looking back at it, the hype was crazy back then. Launching at 9.9.99. Who else can think of that but Sega? The price was just right at $199 US dollars.

So you guys may ask, why dedicate a blog post about this? Well, the Dreamcast was pretty much my whole childhood up. I remember spending days and endless summers playing games on it. Games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Tony Hawk, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, SNK vs Capcom 2. I had a lot of games for it. The dreamcast blew my mind away. With its stunning graphics, online capabilities and just the amount of fun I had. I loved this system. Ridiculous that its been 10 years already. It felt like I was playing it just yesterday. Button mashing my way through Marvel vs Capcom. Stepping on those arrow keys on my Dance Dance Revolution mat. God dam, I had tons of fun playing my Dreamcast.

this one is for you.
Best system I ever had

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009


so much shit stressing me out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kid Cudii

Sorry Kid Cudi fans. I just had to. I love this song. Please support and buy the album when it drops!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Nigga I said this is how I chill

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This caffeine

Its 3 oclock in the morning. Why the hell am I still up? I decided to buy a monster today because I needed to start and finish Nickel and Dimed. I was able to finish the book within 2.5 hrs. Start after 12 and finished roughly around 3. The caffeine in the Monster did help. Just that I was expecting to finish the book in 4hrs so I decided to drink a whole can. Now I can't go to sleep. Might just start playing more MvC2 or finish up Stats homework. Damn, I am not looking foward to this morning. I have to wake up early to help do something for my brother. I hope I will get enough sleep.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

labor day

September 1st, formally known as labor day around here. This day pretty much means nothing to me as I sat home on the morning trying to finish some work before school. Yes , school is about to start soon. Can't believe it. So after doing some homework I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Kinda enjoyed the weather today . Nice, breezy and sunny. Also got to meet some of the new people around the neighborhood. Not really meet, but just check out some of the new girls around the block. Now I wish a hot girl moved next door.lalala. Returned back around three. Was goona meet up with a few friends but i didn't lol. Instead , took a nap . Pretty much my labor day. Dang I need to start hanging and going again.

Oh, I was listening to jay-z's new album. It is pretty nice