Monday, August 31, 2009


As summer begins to wind down, I can not help but think how much I have learned, experienced and how much fun I had this summer. Spending times with my friends and family were priceless. From the time we spent on the basketball court to the time we spent at Zhi's. It sure was a great summer. I guess the last meteorological day of summer makes me kinda feel nostalgic right now. Oh by the way, please excuse my grammar in this post. I wrote a few papers today and I am not in the mood to check my grammar. haha. So back to what I was saying, this being the last meteorological day of summer makes me feel nostalgic. Remembering all the fun times I had. All the stupid shit I did. All the things I regret. All the things I loved. This is one summer to remember. I wish I took enough photos or made a mv for all the experience I had. I guess there always next time.

August 31

Today is the last meteorological day of summer. Suck doesn't it? It sure does. Didn't really do much today. Stayed home, did some homework for my upcoming classes, studied like I always do and read. Great way to end summer. Just sitting at home and relaxing. I couldn't have it any better. I would have loved to come out but I was soaked in homework as well as reading. I felt like I got a lot accomplished today as well as my summer.


New Wale
Wale - World Tour!

End of summer survey found on facebook

1. Drank alcohol?
Lots and Lots of it

2. Cried?

3. Kissed anyone?

4. Been on a vacation to a different state?
Went to NYC and NH but didnt stay over

5. Been on a vacation to a different country?

6. Been to a beach?
Plenty of times

7. Been to the boardwalk?

8. Looked at the stars?

39. Smoked?

10. Snuck out?

11. Had a sleepover?
Slept over friend's house

12. Stayed up all night?

13. Slept in someone else's bed?

14. Went in a pool?

15. ...without a bathing suit?

16. Been on the computer?
Yah nigga

17. Played video games?
Yah. brawl. mvc2 and dmc 4

18. Listened to an ipod/mp3 player?

19. Been on over 30 car rides?

20. Been grounded?
Nigga no

22. Regret something?
Plenty of things

23. Been drunk?

25. Done anything against the law?
Yup. probably

26. Been camping?
Was going to

27. Got in a fight?

29. Stayed at a hotel?

31. Went shopping?

34. Asked someone out?

35. Got in a car with a stranger?
Someone i didnt know at the time

36. Lost someone close?
Thank god no

37. Had someone sleep in your bed?
Nope. no one wants to sleep there

38. Been to a movie?

39. Been to a club?

40. Slept in?

41. Got tanner?

42. Watched TV for more than 5 hours?

41. Learned something new?

45. Did homework?

47. Driven?

48. Ate out at a restaurant ?

49.Went surfing?

50. Went dancing?

51. Been to a concert?

52. Quoted a movie?

53. Played with fire?
hahhaha yeah

54. Made new friends?

56. Got arrested?

58. Been searched by the cops?
cops dont care abt me

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Its late. Nothing to do so why not blog?

I've been always known to carry change around in my pocket. I usually put my change and receipts in my left ass pocket and my wallet on my right. But one thing that I find annoying is the size of coins. I never understood why dimes are smaller than nickel physically but when talking value the dime is 2 times the value of a nickel. Atleast make the fucking dime bigger. I dont care that its smaller than the nickel. I just fucking hate the size of them because when searching for change I can never tell the difference between a penny and a dime. Maybe I should just start throwing away pennies or maybe the United States should stop issuing pennies. Most pennies are being used for no good anyways.


The song that made me love The Beatles. Heard it from the The Beatles Rockband promo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

who knew my luck can change ?

Had my first driving hrs today. I was scared as fuck. First thing I dis was gased it. Richard , my instructor immediately stopped me. lol. As we left Brighton and headed towards Brookline I got the hang of it. Still need to learn when to gas and when to not gas .

After my driving lessons I went to zhis place again. Been losing there alot lately. Lost alot yesterday and even more today . my love life must be real good since I've been losing .lol. Lots of mj this weekend lol.

Hopefully my luck will change soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whats new?

So I have been blessed with a new computer. Well, I had it for like 3 weeks already but I haven't really been using it. I recently wiped out my old sony viao so it has nothing there. Thank god I backed up all my music, docs, pictures and videos. So this new computer was cheap so I decided to buy it. Decided to give my viao to my dad for the new shop. I fucking love slickdeals. Always has the best shit for the best prices. One thing that I hate about it that the graphic card really sucks. Sure, its better than my viao but I was hoping to play some games on it. Another thing is that the keyboard that came with does not have as many features. And one last thing is that its running Vista. Windows 7 is coming right around the corner and Vista is really annoying. Good thing I decided to up the RAM on my computer.

Okay, so enough of computer talk. Not really much to talk about lately. Well there is but there are some things I like to keep to myself.

There has been one thing I've been doing alot lately. That has been partying. Either if its small or large. I just can't stop partying. Tomorrow is the start of the new weekend and there is no party insight which is unusual. I think last week was the best one out of all the ones I've been too. Had so much fun and just was nice chilling and relaxing. Who cares if I felt terrible right after, it just felt so great.

So whats new with you?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rivers and JD?

Old video but I love this song.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Imagine a weekend where people didn't care if they got fucked up. Shit was just straight poppin right and no one cared about the drama that was happening. All we really cared was that we were having fun.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I fucking love this song. no relevance to my previous deleted post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So I am using an app on an iPhone which allows me to manage my blog. This app is pretty cool and is sick. but what is even a cooler app is photogene or something like that lol. It allows me to edit my pics. Here is one of my recent pics editted with the app.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot summer days

Its days like these which make me wanna stick my head in the freezer and leave it there forever. These last four days were friggen hot as hell. So this past weekend was probably the hottest weekend all summer. Temperatures reached up to the 90s.

Friday wasn't that bad but you still needed the AC to be on the keep cool. So, Friday was my last class at Driver's Ed. It felt GREAT. Even though the day was pretty long, we watched a bunch of really cool videos and I passed my driver's ed exam. The last few days of Driver's Ed wasn't too bad. Met a few people, made some new friends and kicked some white bitches ass in tic tac toe. After class, I went back home to watch Miss Asahina prepare for her big movie. Went back out to go pick up my new phone. I should have mentioned this earlier but I just got an Iphone and I love it!!!! After my meet up, decided to head to the beach to give Dustin my Iphone, chill and play some ball. It was a nice day to go to the beach. Got lots of mosquito bites. Fucking mosquitoes.

Saturday, Dustin came over for a few mins to finish setting up my phone. I was finally able to use it. Stored some apps, put some music and we bounced. Later on, we met Minh who is traveling with us to Newyork along with Tony on Wednesday at the dunkexchange over at Mass Ave. The place was packed with a bunch of young kids who were willing to buy anything that was either black or gold box. I'm talking about SB's of course. I brought my Tokyo Taxis Blue birds and Barfs which were tony's to sell, Dustin brought his Purple Pidgeons and Minh brought his XX's. Right when I walked on the floor of the Dunk Exchange, I bumped into a kid we met at the Campout. He saw what I had and offered them. I knew I wasn't goona get any more offers like that and I knew some other kids were tryna sell their Taxi's as well so I immediately took the offer. Dustin and Minh in the other hand took a while to get some offers and trades. Dustin got cash and Minh came out with another pair or J's. Overall, the dunkexchange was kinda whack. Nothing good to buy. Actually, we did stumble upon a pair of OG Carmines for 100 bills. I bargained it down to 85 but the guy next to me out bid me and I saw a pretty cool project called the DunkForce 1's I think. I don't remember the name but it was a blend between SB Dunks and Air Force1s. Oh well, they weren't really "wearable". We all decided later to get some grub and head to Tony Lee's. There we had some drinks and played some smash bros brawl. It was getting kinda hot so Dustin and I started putting our heads in his freezer. Then we decided to leave to go to the beach. There we just chilled and walked around. Didn't do much.

Sunday, was pretty dull and depressing. Woke up to find out that my grandmother is once again in the hospital. She just left the hospital last week and just went back in yesterday. So I was pretty bummed out and still am. I still had to help my dad set up for the festival. Went over to Chinatown to set up. After setting up, I decided to leave and walk around. Saw some of the Volleyball tournament and grabbed some food. Most of these Chinatown Festivals are kinda boring. I usually just go to see the tournament, help out, grab food and look for some girls. That what is usually what these Chinatown festivals are good for. Actually, they have some cheap stuff there too. Got my iphone case there for only 5 bills. Sure, I had to bargain a bit but it was worth it.

So today, I woke up. Started my summer reading. Got up to page 100 something on How to Read Literature like a Professor. Its an easy read pretty much. Then Roger asked me if I was busy. I said no, and he told me to take a practice SAT test. He said he'll grade it if I do it. So, I did. I actually didn't do that bad. I guess all the studying do really help. lol. I got a 1900 or somewhere around there. After my examination, I went out and did some gardening work. I took some pics too since the Iphone camera is pretty decent.

Remember to stay cool and don't stay out too long.

Man, I cant wait for my NYC trip this wed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy birthday

I want to wish a happy birthday to


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ads Ads Ads

As you may have noticed I advertise for multiple artist, blogs, store and other things. Don't you guys love ads? Now all I need to do is get paid for posting this shit up

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rotation : Monday

Just because I do not have anything better to do before driver ed

Penny 1s FTW :]

Preview : This Week

Okay I lied on my last entry :P.

So I am not looking forward to this week at all besides for Ve's birthday,Ball, Nexus , party and DXC. Sounds like a good week but what ruins it is Drivers ED. I hate the timing. Everyday till Friday I have driver's ed from 10 am to 4 pm and on monday I have it from 10 to 4 and then from 6 to 8. WTF IS THAT? SERIOUSLY! They better feed me or some shit. And this shit wasn't cheap either. 595 dollars for a week program. Sounds kinda pricey. Oh well, thats my fault for not doing DND or chinatown driving courses. Atleast, I will be able to get my license next week when I'm free. My trip is next week so next week sounds kinda hectic too.

The only things I am really forward to are the things I previously mentioned. Hopefully I will have a blast at Ve's birthday. She deserves it and I hope she enjoys it ;]. Me and Owen schedule to ball up this week but I don't know when and where. I need to go pick up my Windows XP Media center cd at Nexus over at Quincy . Sounds like a drag but its not. I love that place. So much shit to do and my uncles there don't really care. hahaha. Hopefully we can get another party this week and the DXC is finally coming to Boston.

Fucking drivers ed ruins this week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

No more

Alright no more drinking from now on. hahahha

Friday, August 7, 2009


I need a reality check.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The fellas at ATB hooked me up today. Shout outs to ATB crew up in Boston. Bought some shorts today as well. And sold my Shadow 10s.

I hate how the newer sbs has a thin tounge. They don't even give you a lace bag anymore. Still very clean.

Hooked me up with some more ATB stickers and discounts!

hahah, I get bored at home /work


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


About damn time I'd update about my weekend.

So what a great way to start August.

Saturday marked the first official day of August 2009 and I had a blast! Woke up kinda late since I was playing Marvel VS Capcom 2 the night before on my 360. I love that game so much. I probably clock in like one to two hrs of playing each day. hahaha, only if I can do that with studying. So yeah, woke up played some Marvel VS Capcom 2 on the 360. Cooked something and was about to head out. But before I left, my boss and one of my brother's friend came over to give me something. I wasn't really expecting it but it was cool that I got it. So after I got what I needed, I left to Zhi's place. I haven't chilled at his place all summer. hahaha. At first it was only tim, tony lee, zhi dustin and myself. We played a few rounds of poker. I was even after the intermission. As the day went on, more and more people decided to come over. The reason for so many people over was because we were celebrating Dustin getting his license. But in actuality we just wanted an excuse to party. So instead of continuing with poker we used the poker money to buy some drinks, snacks and entertainment. Some people didn't have so much fun. Some people were just out of control and we had to stop everything for a bit. It is all good because people were about to leave anyways. Anyways,someone pointed out the Triangle obsession of Jagerbombs. Everytime we party it seems like each of us do a Jagerbomb. I guess its our drink. .So instead of going home, I decided to stay over and clean up. After cleaning up and taking care of some things, I decided to ball up. I was surprised that I saw some people playing at 2 in the morning in Chinatown. hahaha. It was a fun game! I stayed a bit longer and the others left. Stayed till like 4 in the morning.

Sunday morning was really bad for me. I woke up with a small headache and I lost in Mahjong :/. Yeah a real bummer. Also the train was really crowded when I was going home. When I got home, I took a refreshing shower and hopped into bed. Took a nap and then did some gardening work. I love gardening. Pretty much my relaxing Sunday.

Monday, was a bad day. Got flaked hard and kid still wants to meet up. Whatever, we'll see what goes on thursday. So went to galleria with Jack Dustin and Jennifer. Pretty boring, but killed some time. hahahha

Today, woke up and did some errands and studied. Filled out my papers for Drivers Ed. Passing that shit in tomorrow. Started to talk to Jennifer, Ve , Simon and Dustin on Gchat and we all agreed to hang out today. We were thinking beach at first but things got complicated. Instead we chose to chill at Jennifer's place. Picked her up at Brigham's and just chilled at her house. Watched a few episodes of Friends. OMG, I love that show. Simon eventually didn't come, he probably forgot or was to busy. Its all good though. Tong came instead. hahahah. Went home did some work in the garden and pretty much my day.

I love this song.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Don't you hate it when you try to help but they don't ever appreciate it. Its starting really to annoy me and I'm getting sick and tired of it. Or maybe its me and I shouldn't be even going in their business. Just my thought of the month