Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mike Posner

My boy Mike P finally dropped his latest mixtape "One Foot Out the Door"
Check it out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anime anime anime

Who needs to do homework if you can just watch anime. The last few days I've been watching Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I discovered this series when I was reading Japanator over the weekend. They kept on talking about the second season so I decided to take a look of the first season. Like most anime I watch, it is a real short series so far. The first season only has 12 episodes and the second season is airing right now. So what is different about this series? Well it starts off like your regular normal high school anime. However this anime does not contain magical creatures, spells and all that crap. Just simple romantic plot. Similiar to Love Hina but less on the perverted side.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Don't you hate it when teachers give you a whole bunch of work before the weekend. argh, I'm swamped with work this whole weekend. College applications and supplements, homework, projects, presentations, interviews and a bunch of errands. And it doesn't help when you have a huge ass headache from last night.

Yes, I realize that I just wrote a post about not getting too much homework.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you are wondering if I want you to, I want you to

So this is the first single off Weezer's new album, Raditude. I love this song as it has great meaning, moral and story. It kinda reminds me of myself in a way. Enjoy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If there is one thing that I miss about being a junior is the amount of homework I used to get. I would just devour myself in history and physic textbooks and read about interesting things. This year, it seems like I barely get any homework, besides for AP Stats. Some of you guys may enjoy the lite load of work but I do not enjoy this at all. I miss all the readings I had to do for history, all the problems for physics and all the things I had to do for English. I know its our senior year and all but shit, I wanna learn something. The lite homework phase is affecting my lifestyle lately too. Often, I would get lazy during the day since there is nothing to do. After studying, I usually take a nap for 2-2.5 hrs. Wake up and work on ALL my homework in 30 minutes. After my homework, I would just sit on my computer, looking through facebook photos or playing videogames. Lazy indeed. I should really use this time to do something productive. Maybe blog more or read some more.

On the right of my page are a list of blogs and sites that I've been reading during my freetime. Maybe, I should find some more sites and blogs to read.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nothing really

Nothing really to blog about. Life is just becoming stale. Hopefully, these next few days will rejuvenate my life as I look forward to these next few weeks. I've join the BCNC league again this year. It seems like BLS and NQHS isn't going to be playing. That is good news for us, competition wise. Pregame or as I would like to call it, Week 0 didn't go to well. Miscommunication, errors and unbalanced teams were definitely keys to our losses on Saturday. Hopefully as the league season progress so will our team.

So I've finally started my college "stuff" today. I went to see one of my teachers after school so she can help me. I always feel like there is a line whenever I want to talk to her. Kids just line up to see her just for stupid things. I am pretty sure that they just want to suck up, but I was like that when I was younger too.

Lately, I've been hooked on RockBand. Again. But this time it is for the iPhone. I just downloaded it yesterday and its pretty fun considering that its still a mobile game. However, the vocals suck for that game. I finally have something new to do during Environmental Science class. And for those who thought I only listen to rap, up yours. Just kidding. -_-;

Got my volleyball hoody today. Feels kinda plain but its all good :]. Has my last name on the back as well.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The weekend

I love the weekends. It gives me time to think, relax and nap.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Happy birthday to my homie,


omfg dji finally hit 10,000. i knew this day would come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Going back to school after a long weekend is the worse. Actually, what is even more worse is going to school from 7-4 after a long weekend. Fuck that, I barely learned anything in those extra two hours. Atleast, I got some ice cream and vanilla cake out of it. I was hungry, tired, sleepy and bored to death in class. Seeing all those kids outside the window during class just makes me want to leave. After the gruesome two hours, I waited outside for the bus for 20 minutes. Fell asleep on the bus and missed my bus stop. -.-. It was getting cold and I had to walk back to the stop since it was the most logical thing to do. On the way, I tried this new Monster Drink and tried out the new subway buffalo chicken sandwich. Both weren't too bad. So after grabbing my food, I waited for the train. Shit takes forever. When I got home, ate my sandwich, worked on homework and did some research. Actually got my college list done. Now, I need to talk to my teachers about my recommendations and advice.

I would be surprised if you guys figure out the name of the painting for my new banner.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Weekend

Its kinda weird how we celebrate Columbus day. Well no matter how strange it is, it still a cool holiday because its just another excuse for not going to school. I spent my weekend taking a test, watching football and celebrating Trung's Birthday. Stayed home on friday to watch the Grandmother and do some last minute studying. Saturday, was alright. Took the exam and jetted out. Brookline High School is nice and all but I just wanted to go leave. Met up with Roger and ate at Rod Dee and then head back home. At home played videogames with Stephen and then decided to head to Zhi's. Chilled there for the whole day and just had a good time :].

Sunday was typical. The fantasy guys came over. Watched most of the games. The guys left to go out while I stayed home at night. Decided to watch Star Trek and do some homework at night. Typical Sunday.

Today, I went to celebrate Trung's birthday. Went to Olive Garden with some friends to celebrate his birthday. Hope you enjoyed it! Went to iparty later and played with some of the costumes. Went back home after.

Pretty much my whole weekend


I just finished watch Star Trek (2009). I know I am kinda late but its better later than never. So I thought the movie was real good. I love the action, the plot, the story and just almost everything. But there was one thing I hate about this movie. Well its not really about the movie but more of the character. I am not a huge Star Trek fan. I used to watch it weekly but the series has died out and I am not too interested anything besides Voyager. So like I was saying before, I hate this one particular character. I thought Spock was just horrible. The acting was great and all but the role he played just made me hate him. Hopefully they make a sequel to this because I am not looking forward to watching the old 80 films of this series. If you weren't able to catch this on film, try to buy it on DVD when it comes out next month. I was so glad that I got an advance copy of the DVD as well as G.I.Joe and Transformers 2. Maybe I'll write about that once I see it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A typical normal sunday. The fantasy guys came over to watch the games. So during the game, the guys were calling for my brother. Whenever they do that, they usually call "Tsang", they rarely call him Stephen. So now I am starting to call my brother, Tsang lately too. haha. Stephen is just too long of a name to call.
Damn, I need a life so I can blog.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So sick of life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A city with no seasons

What is a city with no seasons?
Shawn Chrystopher knows. Metaphors are amazing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Another lazy Saturday. Pretty much stayed at home and just did some homework, studying and played a whole lotta of videogames. Halo 3 ODST with Roger and Madden 2010 with Stephen. The games of Madden weren't too bad though. There were a few games where it was real close. However in the end I remained 3-1 for the day. I love the new tv we have because it makes videogaming so much better. Pretty much a dull Saturday. Actually, something exciting did kind of happen today. When I was looking through my bag for some papers, I realized that I left my investigation in my locker. I needed to do well on this investigation because I failed my last one. So I was freaking out for a good hour. I finally decided to email Ms.Hessney and 2 hrs later she gave me a scan of the investigation. Thank fucking god cause I really needed the grade to do well in her class. I am probably still rank top 5 in her class. tehehehe :). Now I'm doing this gay ass parody speech for hamlet. I hate english honors.

Football tomorrow. Here are my picks.
Chi def Det
Cin def cle
Hou def Oak
Ind def Sea
Ten def Jac
NyG def Kc
NE def Bal
TB def Was
Buf def Mia
No def NyJ
Dal def Den
SF def Stl
SD def Pit
Min def Gb