Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nordstrom (Rack) + Weekend.

I would have to say that this weekend was kind of a disappointment. Friday, I pretty much stayed home most of the day. I eventually did go out to get my purple vans. Other than that, pretty dull day.
Saturday was a little bit better. I went to Nordstrom Rack (because we are too cheap to go to Nordstrom) with Roger, Stephen, his girlfriend and Marina. They gave bitch seat in the car. -.-. Nordstrom Rack had some nice jeans but didn't really want to get them. Instead I got some dress shoe. After my visit to Nordstrom Rack, my brother dropped me off in Chinatown. Walked around, got something to eat and looked at jeans since I didn't get any jeans at Nordstrom Rack. I actually found a pair of 501 shrink to fits so I decided to buy. After my purchase I pretty much walked around. Saw Andrew P., at expressions. He asked me if I wanted a pair of Nubucks but I told him I wasn't interested. Met up with Dustin and Jen later on in the day. Walked around Chinatown doing pretty much nothing. Atleast we got some good drinks at the Juice Bar. Pretty much my Saturday..
Sunday was a total bummer. I got nothing productive done! I was suppose to clean my room, finish a page and my outline on my research paper and do the laundry. I didn't do any of that yet. FML. Well, I should get crackingggg.

soakin denim

Saturday, May 30, 2009

99 problems

Dammit, what the hell has been my problems these last few days? It seems like I've got 99 problems. I'm angry, I'm emo, I'm moody. But, I am kinda grateful that I have so much time to myself these last few days. Help me to start thinking again and try to get my life on track. It is so weird how life can change moods in a single second. Cause just a few weeks ago, I was having a blast. Hanging out with friends, enjoying myself and just having fun. Now these days, I've been feeling moody and lifeless. Maybe its just the weather or that fact that I am kinda sick(?). I can always try to isolate myself thus solving the problems because if I do just that then the problems will just go away. But that is the "pusseh" way out. Instead, I'll try to "Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate" . If you guys do not know, that is a famous line from the greatest NBA Player, Michael Jordan. One thing though that has been helping me through my depression is my music. These last few days, I find myself constantly listening to the same album. The Cool, 808 and Heartbreak and The Black Album. I guess you guys can describe this as my emo playlist.
Thanks for Reading

It's More Than Just A Game

NBA Cares.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

$tack that Cheese

After a lonely day 1, day 2 was pretty much the same. Well lets just say kinda the same. I spent the morning looking for some books, essays and resources for my History research paper. I actually enjoyed Sneil Library. It was so nice and peaceful. The resources were so great and the librarians were so helpful. After Sneil, I went to the library in Copley. Oh, how I hate Copley Library. The resources aren't as good. The librarians are mean as hell. And the old book smell is nasty. I wanted to get the hell out of there asap. When I left the library, I realized it was still 12. I didn't wanna go home just yet, so I roamed around newbury street. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND at XSQUARED. FOUND THESE BEAUTIES!
I LOVE THE GRIFFEYS. Anyways, going on with my day. I continued walking around Newbury Street. Stopped by Niketown. Tried on some basketball sneakers. Kobe IVs, Hyperdunks, Jordan 2009 and the new DMPS. Surprised they still had them. Meh, thats enough with the sneakers. I continued walking down Newbury Streets. Stoped by Johhny CupCakes, Urban Outfitters, Bodegas and lastly Best Buy. BestBuy was like completely empty so I was free to watch television. Watched the ESPN spelling bee competition and played videogames. Yes, I was that bored. Bestbuy actually killed alot of time. Before I knew it, it was already 2. Went to meet up with Trung and Ve at Chinatown to eat the the New DK. I guess it wasn't bad. The portions looked like it got smaller but it is all good. After eating, we tried to shake off the people that were following us :X. But seriously, I hate people when they always follow you and stuff. Well, I used to be okay with it because the more the merrier right? But as of lately, I just hate it when people just tag along seeming that they were invited or something. I'll rant about it later. So after numerous attempts to shake them off, we finally were able to be alone at last. We decided to chill at Ve's place for a bit. Stayed there and play Madden with Simon. After Maden, I was kinda tired so I layed down for a bit while the others were playing computer games. That was when I decided to leave cause I kinda felt left out. Went home and talked to my brother. He told me that I can get a job this summer. The problem is that I am not 100% sure that if I can find a job. Okay, that was my day. Time to watch some LBJ!

P.S: Do you guys like how I did the pictures today or do you like them at the end?

I think I posted this video before, but I love this song. It was in my head the all of yesterday and today. STACK THAT CHEESE.

seriously I need start stacking that cheese
Nevermind that, bought another pair of vans with some left over tax return money.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've got 7 free days on my hands. Time to write some raps and rhymes?
Scratch that. Seven days to work on research paper. FUN!(insert sarcasm here)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day Weekend

I am pretty sure that I'll be hanging out later today so I might update later on. But as for the last few days, it sure has been real hectic. Lets start with Friday. Alot of the kids were absent due to SR. Skip day and kids being sick these days. Actually, a few of my teachers were sick too. SCORE! After school, I dropped by Zhi's place to play some Nintendo DS w/ Dustin. Stayed there till 5. Tony came to pick us up there along with Ni and My. Tony drove us all to OB to watch the Asian Night performances. Some of the performances were good as for others, they were just bad. But good job Jennifer and Trung. After the show, Triangle Offense + Jennifer went to Allston. Picked up some stuff for Saturday and ate some food. Went to go back to Zhi's place later and chilled.

Saturday was a good and bad day for me. Went to Zhi's place around 1 to chill. Played Nintendo Ds for a bit and then Dustin and I went to hit the basketball courts. There we met up with Jiafa, to play some 3v3 agaisnt these kids. We won both games and they wanted another. We decided not to play another game since I was getting tired. Instead, Dustin and I went back to Zhi's place to get shit started. People started to come over around 6:30ish. We started with some pong and just stuck with pong. The stuff I got friday wasn't enough so we had to get some more. Now, we have tons of left over. But, it wasn't that, that effed me up,it was the harder stuff. The redbull bombs and other shots that really effed me up. I do not remember a single thing for the second half of the party. The only thing I remembered was that I was sleeping on the top bunk since I was staying over Zhi's because I didn't wanna go home feeling like shit.

Sunday wasn't too bad. I woke up and had some McDonalds breakfast. I love hashbrowns. Waited for Tony to come by and he drove me home. Thank god, because I did not wanna take the train. At home, I took a long nap and then helped my brothers cook dinner. Had some meatloaf and potatoes. Did some homework while waiting for the meatloaf to heat up. Still have alot to do. But pretty much my whole day. Wasn't too bad.

Lazy as hell today. Stayed home and took a long ass nap. But it got me thinking about stuff that happened over the weekend. Realized that I needa just forget shit that happened. Well other than that I got alot of my school work done. Finished my history Brochure and my work cited page for my research paper. Still needa work on my English homework but its easy stuff. Productive day? I wouldn't say so. Stayed home, slept and ate. Didn't really do much work until late. Could have done way more. Oh well. There was nothing to do today.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Night

I said the most stupidest shit ever.
Did some stupid ass stuff.
Felt like shit.

But was it really all worth it?
Yes :]

Sorry with all these short entries lately.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Suzumiya is back!

Finally after waiting for 2 years, season 2 is finally out. BITCHES

Watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 Episode 1 in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Hot Shyt

It has been hot as shyt outside.

Wale Ft Peedi Crakk, Black Thought, 2Face & Young Chris - Hot Shyt

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Is anyone else annoyed by everyone talking about the Swine Flu crap?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I would like to thank those who wished me a
Happy birthday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I swear if the Celtics lose tonight.......

it will be time to root for LBJ

Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Life/100

Welcome to the good life. Those are the first lines in the song the Good Life by Kanye West. So what makes the good life? Is it the "Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night" described by Weezer in his song the Good Life or is it when people "go on a living spree" described by Kanye West. If that is the case then I am far from living the Good Life. But forget all that for a second, because I am truly enjoying life right now. Sure, like other people I have problems but everyone have problems, so no biggie.

So whats have I been up to lately? Well, I just been chilling. Not that dc, pg chilling stuff but just chilling. School hasn't really been a problem. Just sit, go to class, listen and do my work. No problem. The work load has dropped dramatically, since I finished my History course. I still have to do a 16 page research paper but thats no biggie. Actually, I quite enjoy school now. I get to see my friends, learn something new and sometimes I even have fun. Well maybe because I'm not the kid that likes to skip and cut class alot .

Lets stray off the topic of school and just focus outside of school. Outside of school sure has been a dilema in my head. There are some things outside of school which annoy and bother me. Some of you may see it in me that something is bothering me. So what is technically bothering me? Well its a combination of things. I do not want to get into too much detail but these problems have been strewing in my head for a while. But you know what I learned to avoid it and just move on. I know thats bad but oh well. What is the worse thats goona happen? But sooner or later I have to take the step and just do something about it. As of right now, I just do not wanna make any situation arkward or anything.

But you know what, who can really care about it right now? Summer is around the corner as well as my birthday. I've been having fun and relaxing these last few weeks. So who can really care about these problems if you're having fun? I certainly can't. Hopefully these problems can fix itself. Even though its not the "Good Life" as Weezer and Kanye explains, its certainly a life which I'm currently enjoying.

On another note, as my birthday apporaches I think about the past year. I've enjoyed my life as a 16 year old. Sure, there are somethings I regret and still regret but I've learned alot. I've learned that "
If you want it, you can have it. But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it."". As for plans for my birthday, I do not expect to do anything. Seems like everyone got plans and/or busy. Even my parents who are leaving that mornign to go to Chicago. Man, I wish I went to Chicago. Probably the top 8 cities I want to visit in the U.S. Hopefully, I'll do something over the long weekend(next week) but I doubt it since people have things to do and places to go.

Well, I certainly hoped that you enjoyed reading this entry. It is actually my 100th post (including private entries) since I created this blog. Sure, I've made pointless entries but I feel like I accomplished something. I started something and stuck with it and will continue to stick with it. It is kinda funny to see how I was the first one to start the whole "blogging" scene at the lunch table. If you guys look at my first few entries, I barely have any comments or views. I was actually quite suprised I stuck with this blog since it was going no where in a audience point of view. Well, hope you guys continue to blog your ideas and thoughts.

Thanks for reading

Lawrence Tsang(TeeeSang)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Last!

Free at last! Today was my AP English Exam and was the last exam for the year. I AM DONE WITH AP. Well almost, I think both Kaz and Tsoutsis still have some assignments but nothing too big.

I would like to say that it truly has been a good year. I learned so much, met so many people, got to know so many people and had so much fun! Sure, the work was tough but was truly rewarding! As for the exam today, I don't think I did that bad. I love the synthesis question and the argument but darn these rhetorical analysis and multiple choice!

After the exam, the class just chilled in Kaz's class. Didn't do much. Congratulated each other, ate pizza and talked. Went to Zhi's after school to chill. Actually, I've been chilling at Zhi's place alot lately. Today was no different. Played some Poker and Mario Kart Ds. Oh man, I love playing Mario Kart with friends. Much fun! Probably goona ball up tomorrow!

Oh, for those who didn't watch the game last night. It was a real good game. Well the 4th quarter was good. I swear, the NBA got it right this year with their playoff slogan. "Where Amazing Happens" cause it is truly where Amazing happens. Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen came through once again to knock down the pivotal 4th quarter shot. And since exams are over, I am able to stay up late for the remainder of the playoffs. Wohoo! I actually want to get some playoff tickets for either game 7 or next round. I would love to experience playoff seats. Jesus Shuttlesworh after shooting the lead changing shot in the 4th quater. Pic provided by

Oh man, the good news keep on coming. Parents will be out all next week. That means the house is goona be only occupied by me and my brothers. Awesome!

One last thought before I end this. I just want to thank once again for those who supported, helped and experienced this year with me. I know it has been different and tough for me and I just want to thank those who just helped. Free At Last!

Kanye west and Dj Class - Im the ish! remix

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Close to the Finish Line (2/2)

So I have one more exam to do. One down, one to go. So how do i prepare for this one? Well, I really can't. There is like nothing really to study for. Like how can you study for such an exam? The problem is that you can't. Maybe watch some news or whatever but not really in the mood to read and watch the news. So, instead of attempting to study for this impossible exam, I am going to watch some NBA games and catch a few episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Sadly though the Magic@Celtic's game doesn't start til 8 and probably wont end til 11. So much for getting a good night's rest. As for tomorrow, I am aiming for a 6. Trying to stay positive. Well, I just want to wish for those who are taking an exam or has taken one, I just want to wish them good luck and hope you get the score that you are looking for.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities!

Truly, one day I will never forget. Went to school in the morning to take my AP History Exam. I had to get to school around 7 so I can get breakfast. Had a bagel with eggs,cheese and bacon. Yum. Chilled in class til 8 and then we left to go to our testing room. Holy shit that room is cold. I think it was Dowling or whatever. Well the test wasn't too bad. People were complaining of the Multiple Choice, but it didn't seem that bad. I was kinda pissed that they didn't really touch upon the Vietnam War, Space Race, Korean War or Ronald Regan. Actually, I do not remember seeing a multiple choice question that covers that. As for the DBQ, it seemed like everyone did good. I am not allowed to talk about the Essays but it was random and was indeed really controversial. The other two essays were straight forward and easy. So after the exam, the class just chilled in Kaz's room until dismissal.

After school, the guys went to Zhi's place to play poker and chill. While the guys were playing Halo, I stayed in the kitchen and cooked them dumplings. Not really cooking, it was just boiling and frying. It was pretty good. Went home kinda early so I can get ready for the WALE concert.

Went home, took a shower and played some Xbox. Left my house around 7:20, to go to the show. I didn't bring my camera sadly since I didn't feeling like bringing a bag to carry it. But I can insure you that the show was indeed good. Maybe, I hyped it up too much but I sure had a fun time. The music, the crowd, the atmosphere all added up to a nice time. But the highlight of the day was when I was waiting in line for the show, Wale and his Manager noticed that I had the WALExURBxDMV fitted on. They came over and we chatted a bit. I was like totally freaking out but it was all cool. We just chatted about caps,sports, sneakers and like stuff. The show ended around 10 something and I got picked up. It was definitely worth the wait.

I've got to say that this week felt so slow. Monday felt like two days. Tuesday felt like Thursday. Wednesday felt like a Friday. And Thursday felt like another two days. Glad today wasn't too bad.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Close to the Finish Line (1/2)

It is so damn close but yet it feels so far. I guess one of the reason why it feels so far is because I have not yet come to realize that its May. Like its May already. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun. Like, I had so much fun this school year. Not necessarily meeting new people but like just hanging out with friends. I feel like I've got caught in the spur of the moment this year. So caught up that I haven't realized how fast time flew by. The reason that I decided to write today is because I have an AP Exam tomorrow for United States History. I am so close to the finish line. When my teacher said "that we're almost done", I couldn't help but to think about the beginning of the school year. Couldn't help to realize how fast this school year went. Couldn't help to think how much fun I had. Okay, I am starting to talk nonsense. But please allow me to say a few things before I end this entry.

First thing is that want to wish everyone good luck for their upcoming exams. And also I want to thank everyone who helped me this year. Academically, emotionally or socially. Even though we are not done with school yet, I just feel the need to thank you guys and girls for helping me out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Been quiet lately

It has been quiet lately. Nothing much has happened these last few days but I am assuming this it the calm before the storm. In other words, something big is in the works. I guess some big things are planned for this week if you take a look at my schedule. AP U.S History Exam this Friday as well as the WALE Concert @ Harper's Ferry. The Celtics are playing tomorrow and this weekend in Orlando and it should be a pretty interesting series. The weekend looks nice so maybe big and great things will happen this weekend. Lets just hope my Lovecast(Horoscope) thinks that too.(Yes, I look at my Horoscope and my Lovecast occasionally).

But there has been one thing that has been not so quiet lately. It's my damn nose and eyes lately. I've been waking up these last few days with a runny nose, maybe because of the spring weather? Who knows? I've also been getting watery eyes lately. It's not because to the amount of time I spend on the computer watching anime and reading or playing my Nintendo Ds late at night. I've been doing that all year. Maybe its the spring weather? Well, whatever it is, it is bothering the hell out of me. But, if these problems were caused by allergies, it wouldn't sound too illogical. It is that time of the year again where pollen begins to fall down. Another thing that hasn't been quiet are these rumors about me. Well whatever I'm rambling too much. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update.

Good Night

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wale presents The Attention Deficit Tour

Wale is performing at Harper's Ferry, Brighton MA on Friday, May8th.
Featuring: UCB and Colin Munroe

If you guy's haven't heard of any of Wale's work, give it a listen.
Here is a song which he featured in.
The Roots featuring Wale - Rising Up

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Major

It is about damn time that this shit is all over. SATS are out of head for the next few weeks. But whats it even more important is that the Celtics v Bull NBA Playoff series is over. OVER! 7 games. so many overtimes. so many day staying up late watching the game. I can finally say good bye to those (hopefully). Definitely in a good mood right now. Sure, my love life like most of yours still sucks but it is all good cause I am not worrying about that right now. I just want to relax and just chill. I still have a few more exams left but it is all good. Yah feel me? I just wanted to express my joy and happiness to you guys since most of my recent entries have been gloomy and sad.

We (me+Celtics) major!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Luck

I can write a whole lot about the SATS but I decided not to. I just wanted to say to you fellas and ladies

Good Luck

remember to get a good night sleep tonight and make sure you are well rested.