Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On that Depressed Shit!

Alright, maybe the title is a bit too extreme but I've been on that depressed mode these last few days. Maybe it is the fact that so much emotions are going through my head. After coming back from break, I knew this was going to happen. As some of you may know, I like to keep my emotions in my head. Even though people can obviously tell when I am upset, content or angry. Having mixed emotions isn't all that great either. Kinda makes me depressed because I have no clear,strong view of my problems (if that makes sense). No matter what though, at the end of the day when I read your blogs I can't help but put a smile on my face knowing that my friends are enjoying themselves or that I am not the only one suffering. Damn, I really need a life and stop blogging about my feelings and school.

On a brighter note, I wanna give a shout out to my n*gg*, Owen Bang. Happy birthday OWEN! He is probably celebrating his 17th birthday with his friends and family. Hope best wishes for him and hopes that he enjoys the rest of his day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is sad to see vacation coming to an end. It has been one heck of a week. A week of relaxing,studying, chilling and enjoying myself. It is sad to see all that go away. But let us look past this vacation and look forward to summer vacaion! Before we do that though, please allow me to recap what happened these last few days since I was "OUTZ" most of the weekend.

I am pretty sure I left off with Thursday on my last entry so I guess I'll start with Friday. Be prepared for a long read.

Friday was great! The weather indeed was superb. I went out the house around noon time to go meet up with Dustin, Jennifer and Tony. We decided to meet at Jennifer's place once again but we left immediately after I got there. Tony had to leave to pick up My, meaning that it was only us three. We all went out to get food and then walked down to the Ymca. We thought about going to the ymca but instead we met up with Michael Ly and walked around Newbury Street. Bodega's was having a sale and I wanted in. Unfortunately there was a line and I didn't cop a single thing. That was probably the only down side of my day. After the disappointing sale, Tony and My picked us up. We dropped Michael off at home and Jennifer at the school. The guys wanted to play some Volleyball but Huy told us to leave in a impolite way. After hearing that, we decided to leave and head to Boston Bowl. We played a few rounds of pool with the four of us and played some frames of bowling. I haven't bowled in such a long time so I kinda did bad. We all left around 6 or 7 ish to go to Zhi's place to go pick him up. We asked Zhi if he wanted to stay over Tony's for the night to hang out. He was uncertain because he had work the next day but he decided to come. While he was making his decesion we played some Volleyball at his place since we got kicked out the gym. After volleyball we all left to go to Tony's house, but before we went to Tony's house we stopped by Dustin's house. We ordered pizza there and played Smash Bros Brawl. After a few rounds of Smash, we got some snacks for the night. Redbull, Monster and Chips. Finally, we were at Tony's house. At first we played some cards until his parents went to sleep. Right when his parents went to sleep, Jenny and Adrn came over but they decided not to drink. We had some beer at first then we all did "jagerbombs" with Redbull and Monster. We didn't have many shot glasses so we had to take turns. Oh well, it was all good. Alan and Lan came later on. We played some more games like pong, which I lost at and xbox. Already, half way buzzed, me and Tony decided to drink some more. While we were drinking we heard Alan,Lan, Adrn and Jenny talking about Forests, Swamps and Burial Grounds. Alan thought it would be a cool idea to go so we all decided to go. Zhi and Tony decided to stay and Adrn had to leave. So it was just Alan, Jenny, Lan, Dustin and myself. I admit that I was scared a little bit scared but there was nothing much to be scared about. I think it were the stories that got to me. There was a funny story where Dustin had his Ipod on and he was like this song isnt on my ipod. That scared the shit out of me but he was just joking. We came back around 4 am and Alan and Lan had to leave. As for Jenny, Dustin and myself, well we decided to sleep in the living room.

It was Saturday when I woke up. When I woke up, I realized how much work I still have to do for school. I wanted to go home but I decided to stay in Randolph and chill. In the morning I went to Dustin's place to shower and then Tony and Jenny picked us up to drop off Zhi and grab breakfast. We ate at My's restaurant. Well its not her restaurant but is where she worked. After eating a heavy breakfast we went to look for some worms. The reason we were looking for worms was because the four of us wanted to go fishing. It took us forever to look for worms! So after spending 2 hrs looking for worms, we picked up My and we all went fishing down in Canton! It was pretty fun since the water felt nice and the weather was again superb. After fishing for an hr or so, I got dropped off at Dustin's place for a while. We waited for Tony to come back so we can go to Simon's birthday. We couldn't get him a gift because we were running a bit late. Sorry dude! We met up with Jennifer later on and we all drove to Fire and Ice. We were lucky to find parking in such a busy district. Finally the guys and girls (too many to mention) all met up and went to the restaurant. We got our seats and immediately started eating. The girls + triangle offense decided to get salad first and the other guys decided to get meat first. This messed up the timing but it all worked out at the end. When we were eating, there were a few problems on my mind. Well some of em weren't problems but there were just thoughts. If you really know me you should know what the problem was and what my thoughts in my head were. After taking pictures outside the restaurant, triangle offense came over. They stayed for a bit and had to leave. Pretty good day!

As for today, it seems like I won't be having any fun. I still have mucho work to finish (2 essays, 2 readings + questions and a LAB) and I have my last SAT class at 2. F*ck my life. Someone please shoot me. I hope all you guys had a nice vacation and hope you guys enjoy whats left of it!

Vacation's rotation!
Sorry for a blurry pic!

Edit :
So I'm here close to midnight doing my homework. I decided to take a break since I been working hard these last two hours. I still got one more essay to go. I f*cking hate staying up late to do homework. I get mad tired and get no sleep. I made myself some milk tea. That helped a bit but the effects are definitely wearing down.. Great way to end vacation right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

on Vacation!

Vacation has been decent. The rain is definitely a bummer but you gotta live what you got. If that makes sense.

Yesterday, I went to the library once again. This time Dustin was there. He was tryna study for his SATS while I was trying to study for SATS, AP History and do AP English. Lets just say I didn't get it all done. I still have 3 more essays to finish for English. History, I still have a bunch of material to study but atleast I've been reviewing for my SATS. Jennfier asked me to pick up a book for her at the library. It took me a while to look for a particular book but oh well. After picking up the book, Dustin and I had to meet her up in Chinatown. Neither of us didn't have umbrellas so we were kinda wet. Fortunately when we met up with Jennifer, she gave us an umbrella. After dropping Jennifer off at the bank, Dustin and I went to the gym to meet up with the others and play volleyball. We all scrimmed for a bit then we all left to go to Zhi's. Well, first I went home then I went to Zhi's.It was pretty fun. Played some cards, drank a few shots, sang/rap a few songs and jsut chilled. The day wasn't too bad.

Today, I decided to stay home. I kinda wanted to go to Bodega's to get some stuff since they had 70% off today and tomorrow. I guess I'll go tomorrow. I also wanted to go to practice but I kinda got too lazy. So instead I stayed home the whole day. Tried to get some studying done but for some reason studying at home is harder than studying at the library. After studying for a bit, I watched Notorious. I saw a few commercials for the DVD release so I just thought that watching it would kill some time. It is kinda disappointing to see DVD releases come out pretty quick after their theater release. Well whatever. I actually kinda enjoyed the movie. I never really understood the East V.S West coast crap so it was kinda cool to see that. It was pretty sad to see both Tupac and Biggie die at the end but the directors are just doing their job. Yeah thats pretty much my whole day. Can't wait for the Bulls v Celtics game tonight. Game 3!


Where will amazing happen this year?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Losing Touch

Okay, I seriously have to stop updating. It seems like I have been updating too much. Maybe I'll just delete some pointless entries or something. I just been having too much time at night and there is nothing better to do than blog. Right?

Anyways, how are vacation looking for you guys? I've been enjoying my vacation so far. The rain has been a bummer but that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. So, this morning I woke up around 10. I wake up pretty damn late since I have been sleeping pretty damn early lately. Like its vacation, why am I waking up so damn early and sleeping so damn early. On vacation days I would typically sleep around 2 or 3, sometimes even 4. But these last few nights,I've been sleeping around midnight. Strange isnt it? Lets get back to today. So I woke up, watched television til noonish. At noon, I left to go to the library to study. It was pretty nice. I got lots of work done there. I finished one of the five essays there and I even got some studying for History there.

After being in the library for 3 hours, I went to Borders to pick up some Manga and Light Novels. I picked up The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya volumes one and two of the Manga and volume one of the Light Novel. I'll probably start reading it tonight. I went home straight right after picking up my books. When I got home, Triangle Offense came over a little bit after. We just sat and chilled til 5. Owned Dustin at Wii tennis. Hell yeah! After playing the Wii, we picked up Jennifer and Jenny. We were planning to go to BB to play some pool but we decided to stay at Jennifer's place again. Watched some tv, played some cards and Mahjong. We stayed til eight then we all left.

I took some pics while I was at the library.

I hate rainy cloudy gloomy days.

Trying to start my Essay.

Pick ups for today

Oh, if you guys were wondering why I've been putting random names on my entries is because thats is how I feel about the day or about someone or how I feel or a song that has been in my head. For example, yesterday I named it Get By because it is hard to get by with so many people at the Marthon. And Talib Kweli's song Get by was in my head the whole day yesterday. Today I feel like I am losing touch with someone, so that is why I called it losing touch.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get by

It is marathon Monday in Boston again. You know what that means. A lot of traffic, people and frustration. Well not too much of the frustration but I can see how people can get frustrated. So today wasn't too bad. I woke up fairly early this morning. Strange, but I guess I have to get used to it since I plan to study from 9-noon this week. I was planning to go to the library today, but it wasn't open. Instead, I took my studying somewhere else. I went to Starbucks at Arlington station instead. It was pretty nice, since there was like no one sitting in the basement. I got some studying done but it didn't seem to be going to well. It felt like I didn't study too much. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Later on in the afternoon, Dustin called me. We decided to meet up and go get some soup. Well, I did since I was kinda hungry. On the way to Au bon pain, Lily decided to tag along since she saw us. We later met Jennifer there and we just sat and chilled while Lily was waiting for Michael Tan and his friends. Michael Tan and his friends did eventually come and we just sat there some more and chilled. I see Michael Tan again with that girl. LOL, it seems like their dating or something. Shes kinda cute. lol.

After leaving Lily with her friends, the three of us, Dustin, Jennifer and myself went to Jonathan's house to play some xbox 360. We played some Halo 3. After a few matches, we went to go to the ymca to ball. The ymca wasn't too pack today suprisingly. It was kinda strange actually. I did get to see a few of my buddies there but I was expecting more. Tony came by later and then we all went to go to Jennifer's house to chill. Well Tony had to do his physics homework so he did it there, while Jennifer, Jenny, Dustin and I were just chilling and playing gay chicken. It wasn't too bad. Pretty productive day today.

Oh did anyone catch the Celtics game today? I didn't get to see the whole game but I did catch the final minutes. CRAZY ending. Ray Allen with 2 seconds left, shot a 3 pointer to win the game! Oh man, I love NBA Playoff time! The NBA Playoffs, where AMAZING happens.

At Starbucks studying.
Sorry for a bad picture.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

DC Chillin. Pg Chillin.

I am finally in the mood to write about my weekend.

Lets talk about Friday first. The first half of school was fine. I was studying for my AP History test for most of the time. The second half of school was just dreadful. I had to stay in the science auditorium to do my practice AP History exam til 220. MAD GAY! After, I met up with Dustin and Kevin and from there we went to Jonathan's to meet up with Zhi and Tony. We went to Zhi's to get a basketball and we played some ball at peters. We went back to Zhi's to chill and went back to peters. When we went back to peters, it was hella crowded. So we stayed at peters until 7ish. Tony left with Jenny,Ni and My to go home and Me, Dustin and Kevin went to pick up Jennifer. Me, Dustin and Jennifer later came over to chill. We played Rockband, Wii, talked and watch television. Tony, Jenny and Kevin came a little bit later. After they came, Jennifer had to leave a bit after. After Jennifer left, me and Tony went around to pick up food, cups, redbull and do some stuff. When we came back, everyone was sleeping. They eventually did wake up. We chilled in the attic. Ate, drank a few beers, watched a few movies. Just chilled and relax. Everyone slept around 330. I stayed up until 430 playing xbox with Dustin.

Saturday morning wasn't too bad. Kevin left around 730ish to go home because he has work in the afternoon. Tony and Jenny left around 830ish to go volunteer. When they were gone, Dustin and I just chilled, cleaned and did whatever. We went to Brighton Cafe to get some pancakes, eggs and sausage. Tony and Jenny came back to pick up Dustin and they stayed for a bit to watch some of the game. When they left, I took a short nap and left to go play football with the guys. It was kind of weird because we were playing at the YMCA instead of QT. So, yeah kinda different but still fun. I wanted to go to borders but it was getting to late.

So today wasn't too bad. Woke up, took a shower and just watched some television. I couldn't watch ESPN because I didn't wanna hear anything basketball related. So I watched Disney channel instead. Yes, Disney channel. Cartoons FTW! After catching some toons, I had to recycle some cans for my brother. It was alot of can to recycle and we barely got anything. Only 12 dollars. Not cool. So after, he drove me to my SAT class. SAT class was friggen boring since there were only 5 people there. I guess people didn't get the memo or something.

Pretty much my whole weekend. Fun and relaxing! I wish the rest of the week would look like this. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it would.

What the rest of the week looks like.

I should definitely join the recycle club :].

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please Allow Me to Rant

So yesterday, the issue of conversation came up between me and a fellow friend. I had always thought that conversation is just a friendly gesture of appreciation, concern and lastly friendship. Sure, that may not make sense for some of you but I do not understand why people get frustrated when people start conversations. I even admit that I sometimes get annoyed when someone talks to me. But those people are the people who I dislike. It is not because I find them annoying that makes me hate having a conversation with them but it is the reason that I dislike them. Another thing that I do not understand is that if a "close" or "good" friend try to start a conversation, the receiver acts like she or he doesn't care. If they were a "close"or a "good" friend, can they atleast care? Well, I guess people do get on people nerves alot. Even myself, get on other people's nerve but I am just showing that I am concern and caring. I am a caring and a concerning person. I always like to keep an update of my friends and I like to update them. This is why I have a blog where my friends can read and why I read other people's blog. I am a caring and a concerning person. But you know what, if people doesn't want me to care about them, that is their fault. Maybe, I am just talking nonsense right here.

Sorry, for such an irrelevant, random and unusual topic. It just popped in my head and I just wanted to know how you guys feel about the same issue. I was about to talk about my the start of my vacation but as some of you guys may know, my life is boring. I'll just talk about the start of my vacation tomorrow or my next post.

Have a nice, safe, fun vacation!
Remember to be safe and relax!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can't feel my face

Lets talk about the about the cars ya'll got You say you got alotta whips, well I got a Lot! A reference to Wale's Song Chillin feat Lady Gaga. The sentence flowed pretty well so I had to do it. But seriously, lets talk about today.

So school wasn't as much as a drag as I thought it would be. I got to go to school at 8am, 30 mins later than usual. The other students however came to school at 9:20. The reason I had to be at school at 8 was because of the stupid assembly yesterday. I was scheduled for a Practice Multiple Choice AP History Exam but the assembly pushed the test til today. Mr.Kaz suggested that we come to school at 8 to take the test. So, the test wasn't that bad. I got my results later in the day and honestly I was expecting alot worse. That was pretty much my school day.

After school, all the AP English students had to stop by Ms.Tsoutsis's room to get the homework over break since she will not be here tomorrow. She suggested that each student take a book. She said we didn't have to read it but it would be a great way to kill time. Jennifer and I both picked up , The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It seems pretty interesting. The only downfall is the length. No way I am going to finish this book in a week. Well, that what I said about Malcolm X so who knows. I went down to Ms.Hessney's class after. I had to take my Pre-Assesment for AP Statistics. It wasn't too bad. After, I went to stop by Ms.Tsoutsis's room once again to get my letter since my parents didn't come to parent teacher conference in the morning. We chatted for a bit and I think I got some suck up points. Wohoo :].

I left school around 3 and got home around 3:40. Left the house once again to take a hair cut in Allston. I was thinking about a buzz cut but I was too scared. So instead I thinned my hair once again. My hair grows too quick. After my cut, I went to New England Comics to look for some Manga. Stupid store didn't have the new Haruhi. I was kind of disapointed, oh well. Went home and cleaned the attic since people are supposedly coming over tomorrow.

Vacation is almost here. I can taste it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, I realized today that classes has gotten alot better. English class is actually pretty nice and comforting. Maybe is because our papers are done and the exam is almost here. However, right after English I have Spanish. I still hate that class till this day. Its boring, confusing and not fun at all. When I first applied to spanish, I thought it was going to be something fun and cool. I guess I was wrong. So Math and Cisco class has been pretty much alright. Class do get annoying at time but I usually spend my time playing my Nintendo Ds. History class has gotten a lot less stressful. I mean alot. Maybe cause we are almost done with the course. It is pretty much review all the time and I find it kind of relieving. I can finally take a break from History. Physics gets better everyday. I do good on the tests and quizzes and class is always fun! I feel bad for those who have physics honors. Suckas :P. Overall school has been going good. These last few days felt great since I do not have much to worry about. It feels pretty nice to sit and relax. Maybe, I'll come back for the second half of the volleyball season. Who knows? Oh by the ways, good job on the game today. I had to leave early but from what I saw, the team had improved alot since I last saw them. Oh, something scary happened at lunch. Jennifer, wasn't feel well and she had to be sent to the nurse. Hopefully she can make a healthy recovery. Well, I assume she recovered already since she was at the game cheering for BLA.

Anyways, I decided to un-ds my CDP XVII's today. My foot hurts like crazy. I still have to break em in since they are kinda tight. But, I love em. They are such a beautiful sneaker. I am glad that I decided to keep em.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Killer Monday

I think monday is probably the worse day of the week. It is the start of the new school week. I think I made an entry about how I hate mondays. This Monday is no different. This Monday, was a killer. School wasn't too bad. Actually, it went by fairly quick.
After school however was a killer. I had to stay for AP Enivromental Science and AP English. Enviromental Science was kinda quiet. I was expecting more kids but I guess not many kids are interested. After, I stopped by my English class to talk to the students who are interested in taking AP English. I kinda scared them. lol.
So after, I went back home. Got some quick to eat and left to go to the JFK Forum. Omg, that what pretty much killed my day. Actually, it killed 3.5 hrs of my afternoon. I met up with Ve at JFK station and we went to the Forum. The Forum was pretty much boring and they cracked the most corniest political jokes ever. Even though they were funny, I thought they were corny. LOL. So at the forum, the compared Barrack's 100 days to other presidents. I pretty much thought Barrack did crap in his first 100 days but I guess they see it in a different way. They see "potential" in him.
Ve and I left around 6:20 and I got home around 7:40. Yes, it takes that long to get there. I got home, ate dinner and worked on my essay. I got a 5 on it today. I want a 7 or 8 tomorrow. Much work needs to be doen to it. And I also need to do my physics lab. Sigh. I hate mondays

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lets get Tropic!

I didn't update what I did yesterday, so i'll give you guys a quick recap. I stayed home til like 3 studying and doing homework. Went out at three to go play balls with the guys. Kinda nagged Jennifer to come too but she didn't come till way later. So I stopped by Quincy Towers first to play football. I didn't know that many people that were playing, only Donald, Chan, Phil. When Hung came by, I asked if he wanted to take my place so I can join Zhi and Dustin who were playing Basketball at Peters Park. This was the first time I used my Penny 1s for basketball. I was expecting them to play really well, since they are a "basketball" sneaker. It was alright, it got the job done. Rather still play in my 7s, 14s or Huaraches. Owen, Jiaffeezy, and Derrick came later on. We all left around 6ish to eat at Royal Palace. We met up with Donald and Jennifer there. I had to eat quick so I could do my taxes at home. So after eating, I rushed home to do taxes. Yup pretty much my whole day

I hate rainy days, but today wasn't that bad. I woke up in the morning, got some homework done. I still have Princeton homework to do. :[. I tried to dedicate the day to clean my room and do some homework. Unfortunately, I did not do that. Well, I did clean my room later on in the day.

So in the afternoon, my girlfriend came over. I cooked up something really quick for the both of us. Just pasta with Alfredo sauce. I love Alfredo sauce.She brought over some cupcakes :] .So we just chilled, watched some movies On-Demand. We first watched You Don't Mess with the Zohan. I thought it was goona be a good movie but it was pretty stupid. I admit it was stupid funny though.

After the movie, we decided to clean my room. :]. This is what women are made for. (kidding). Well, we didn't get much done. Atleast my laundry is now folded. After cleaning, she went on my computer and watched some television, while I cooked dinner. Yes, we eat alot. I decided to cook some salmon, vegies and rice. It was my first time cooking salmon so it didn't turning out that bad. We ate and chatted for a bit.

It was getting kind of dark but she didn't want to leave yet, so we watched another movie on demand. This time we watched Semi-Pro. This movie was a good movie. It was HILARIOUS. I loved the part when Jackie Moon wrestled the bear. That scene was hilarious. And the Alley-oop part was crazy! Oh man there are so many scenes that I liked from that movie. So after the movie, I just took her home. I would have walked her home but it was dark and kinda wet outside, so we took the train instead. Thank god she doesnt live far. So that was pretty much my whole day. Darn it, I still needa do my Lab for physics and my Rhetorical analysis for English.

My load of laundry that needed to be folded.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Out of All Seriousness

I haven't done a real fun entry in a while. I just been talking about my life and stuff, so I decided to make two entries today. This is going to be the first of the two entries.

Earlier, this year Ve made an entry entitled "my dream guy". This entry made me laugh and it was a pretty interesting read. So I decided to make one but instead of a dream guy, I'll be making one for my dream girl.

So lets begin with the height. She can not be a midget. She has to be above 5 feet. I prefer her to be around 5'3 - 5'6. She has to have some nice legs. Like I seriously, some nice legs. I have a fetish for long legs. If you know what I mean. Lets continue talking about the body. She has to have some decent size breast. Nothing small. She also has to have a decent ass. She can not be fat. I repeat no fat girls please. Pretty much it for the body features. That is enough about the important parts. Just kidding. So she has to have some good looking hair. A beautiful hair color. Preferably a natural color but dye and highlights are good. She just needs to look good in it. As for facial features. She can not have zits, pimps, bumps or whatever you like to call it. My dream girl must have a good taste in fashion. She has to look good, smell good and dress good. So lets talk about the unimportant stuff. Kidding. As for her personality, she has to be like ultra sweet and loving.She must be intelligent. She doesn't necessarily have to be street smart but atleast book smart. I want a girl who has a future.She can not act ghetto and jungle. Sorry, ______. She must have good taste in music. None of that band wagon main stream shit. She does not have to compliment me alot because it is the love that matters. Right? No smoking either. Alcohol is fine. Oh, she also needs to know how to cook, clean and like you know typical women stuff. She also must be normal. I do not wanna deal with a crazy b*tch. Last thoughts, She must look good. I mean like real good. (Just Kidding). But seriously, as long as we love each other that what matters and that what makes her my dream girl.

Ignore all the grammar, cause I do not wanna deal with grammar right now. I have some typos,grammar errors and other shit. Just ignore it for this entry. I'll start the next entry after I receive some comments and views.

Update : So I was talking to Jennifer and I was just being corny. I thought it was pretty funny so Ill post up some of the conversation. I edit some parts so it can flow well.

me: I could say something really corny
right now
Jennifer: what...
me: You've been in my heart since forever

Jennifer: but that has nothing to do with what i said
for you to change it around?
me: LOL you make my world go around

Jennifer: no really
what did i do?
me: What did you do? well here is one thing you did. You changed me life

Jennifer: LMAOOOOO
me: Dang, you look fine

Jennifer: lmao i bet you cant do this in real life
me: I do not need a real life cause you are my life

Jennifer: yeah i dont get it
me: What is there not to get? I simply love you.
that one kinda sucks too

Jennifer: LMAOOO
hmm not really
haha it makes sense
hahahaha XD
me: You are the only thing that makes sense in my heart

Jennifer: OH WOW
me: You are the reason there is a wow in my world

me: lol
i was about to say" shoot, I think i am in heaven cause you sure look like an angel to me"

Yeah, it gets suckier towards the end but its pretty funny. Unfortunately, I can not do this in real life

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life and Rhymes

How is life, you ask? Every time someone asks me this rhetorical question, I just usually smile and just says its been "iight". I do not want anyone to really worry about me but my life has just been miserable. Sure, I have some positives in my life lately. Been chilling with friends this past week, having fun, enjoying my self. Thats the life I want. Unfortunately, stress, work and studies has just made that . Sucks right? Damn right that sucks. Sometimes, I just want to escape reality and enter a never ending fantasy. Too bad it is not as easy as it sounds because reality is just sitting right there waiting for you. I've been avoiding reality too much.You may call this "procrastination" but I don't. I hardly ever procrastinate, I get my work done on time and sometimes even early. So why have I been avoiding reality? Cause I do not want to deal with it but sooner or later I have to realize that I must have to deal with reality. Reality is something that is inevitable .So who do I blame for this occurrence? My brother? My family? My Friends? My Teacher? Well, the only person I can blame is myself. I've been avoiding reality and tried living a never ending fantasy. Soon enough, I must have to face reality and life.

Alright, so thats enough about the status of my life. I guess I'll write about my day.

Day started great. I was in a good mood, it was sunny and Ve looked nice as usual. LOL, I just wanted to point that out.(Thought it would be funny if I wrote that in.). So anyways, back to what I was saying. The weather was nice and the day started out great. All the components needed to make a perfect day. Well you may guess so, but we'll see as I write more. So English class was pretty fun. We talked about entertainment. A topic which I dearly love to talk about and always interested in. As for my theme song. I chose the Jay Chou song .Spanish wasn't too bad either. There was a lot of gossip going around Spanish class about student getting suspended. I really hate it when students say "it was blown out of proportion". Cmon, guys be original. Don't just copy what someone said on television just because you agree with it. Say something else already. Like "I believe the school did not handle the situation well" or some shit like that. I think the idea of biting off other student just annoy the shit out of me. One of my pet peeves. The rest of the day was alright. I was about to skip Physics with Tony and Zhi, but I did not want to leave Deez alone in class. So I stayed with him and took our quiz. We definitely beasted on it.

After school, we went to Tiger Flix. The first junior class event?(I think). They were showing Stomp The Yard. Me and Dustin got there late since we had to go to the post office before the movie. When we came back, it was like pitch black and it was hard to see where everyone was sitting. We stayed for half the movie then we decided to leave. Tony had to go home so it was Me, Zhi and Dustin. We all went to McDonalds to get food and chilled at Zhi's place to play some cards. Jennifer and Kevin came along a bit after. I left pretty early since I wasn't really feeling it today.

Yup, pretty much my whole day. Hope you guys have a nice long weekend!

Oh, if you guys were wondering where I got my title from? I got it from the MTV concerts they used to show back in 2005 and 2006. I thought some of the concerts were pretty nice. When I originally created this blog, I wanted to name it My life and Rhymes. As you can see now, I did not name it that. I sticked with the "Cliché" since it was a word I liked. If you guys do not know what a Cliché is? Well its a phrase that usually express a common thought or view. It wouldn't have made any sense to name it "My life and Rhymes" because I write about stuff that is not even related to my life. So I thought I would share that story with you guys? Oh, before I say good bye, I was wondering why everyone is getting a blog now? I see more and more of my friends getting blogs. I do not mind it, actually I kinda like it. It gives me something to read and it helps me stay connected. I was just wondering what is with the suddent interested in blogging. Did Ve start this or something?

Alright, I taken enough of your time already(if you guys were reading). I hope you guys have a good safe weekend. Peace

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Shit!

I finally passed in my research paper today. :). Felt pretty nice to pass it in. So my English teacher asked us to wear our "AP Shirts". My shirt wasn't as nice as the other student's but its the credit that counts right? The only con about wearing our shirt was that I looked like a fool through out the whole school. There were other people wearing their shirts, they looked like fools as well. There are some exceptions however. So I got pretty bored in Spanish and Math Class so I decided draw and color. Drew some Pac-Man stages and cut out some Triangles. Yes, I draw Pacman stages and Triangles. History class was kind of different today. I actually had some fun in class. Mr.Kaz made up this game and my group won. We didn't just win but we obliterated the other teams. We were like 3 for 3. The other groups were like 1 for 3 or 0 for 3. As an incentive, he is giving up 1 extra point for our test tomorrow. Sigh, I still need to study for it.

Anyways, after school I had to stay to take Ms.Saluti's math quiz. I did horrible but it doesn't matter because I think she is going to pity me and give me some extra points. Good shit, right? After my quiz, I met up with Deez, Zhi and Owen outside the school. We waited for Tony for a while since he was interested in taking AP Physics and had to stay after.After we met up with Tony, we all went to Zhi's house to get the basketball. Kevin and Richard came along. Later on, we all went to Peter's park. God, I haven't stepped on that court for months. Played a game of Fifty then we scrimmed for a bit. It was Triangle + Jennifer v Others. LOL. Kind of unfair since they had Owen and we had Jennifer but oh well, we still had fun. Jennifer had to go but the guys stayed a bit longer. We had another scrim and then headed home. It kind of feels good to go "out" today, I needed a break from studying and shit. Good shit today!

Oh so I narrowed my theme song to six songs. Lets hope I don't have to write a rhetorical analysis on it.
- Photograph
- 93 til infinity
- Through the Wire
- Mr.Brightside
- Snow like hair
- No such thing

My AP shirt. I drew the Triangle on the right and Jennifer drew the one on the left.

The Triangle I drew and cut out in Math and Spanish class. It is a work in progress

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Theme Song/Finished!

I have an English Assignment due Thursday. I have to find my theme song. What is a theme song. Well as my English teacher says "The song that defines you, motivates you, inspires you, relaxes you, energizes you."...great (please insert sarcasm here)...

I have so many songs that I like but I have no clue what songs I should choose as a theme song. Here are my choices and nominees.

Souls of Mischief - 93 til infinity
Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare
Weezer - Photograph
Weezer - The Good Life
Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing
All American Rejects - Move Along
The Killers - All These Thing I've Done
The Killers - Mr.Brightside
Franz Ferdinand -Take me Out
Justice- Dance
John Mayer - No such thing
Kanye West - Through the wire
Kanye West - Space Ship
Kanye West - Diamonds remix
Talib Kweli -Country Cousins
Talib Kweli - Get By
A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed out
Drop Kick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston
Jay Z - 99 problems
Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack
Jay Chou - Snow like hair

Which of these songs do you think is my theme song?

Hmm. Finally finished with my research paper! Pretty much spent my whole day at home working on it. I had to add more text and finish the work cite page. Feels good to be done with that! I've been dreading that paper for 2-3 weeks.
So what did I do today? Well, I went to school. The weather wasn't too bad. Not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was just horrible! So I had to stay after school to sign up for AP Stats for next school year. AP Stats and Microeconomics are the only two classes I really want next year so I better get into them. So after signing up for AP Stats, I decided to see Mr.Goode, so he can help me study for my AP Exam next month. Instead, he just gave me a bunch of book, notes and a really long lecture. I was like "uh huh". He later on asked me to do this JFK Forum this next week. I kinda wanted to say no but I did not want to be rude or anything. I kinda blame Ve as well since she is the one that brought it up. Great Job VE! I'm kidding. So yeah went home, watched the Redsox season opener and started on my paper.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Classes that I am applying to:
  • Microeconomics
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Calculus AB
Classes in which I am considering :
  • AP European History
  • Ap English Lit

Sunday, April 5, 2009


N.A.S.A feat Kanye, Santogold, & Lykke Li - Gifted

Knock me out and Shoot me down

Came to get it!

Long day, today. I had SAT test from 9-1. It felt like I was in prison. After class, Roger picked me up and headed home. I chilled at home until Tony and Dustin picked me up. We immediately went to Korena, where we saw some of Dustin's friends. We sat there and waited for the others to come. We decided to go to Tedeschi to go to the ATM. On the way there I found a 20 dollar bill. So I no longer needed to go to the ATM. Pretty lucky.
Anyways,the others finally came around 4 and we finally was able to sit down and eat. The food there was good but definitely not worth the price. The triangle all shared a dish. So after, eating we decided to cut the cake which the Triangle bought. It was a cute cake. Had triangles all over it.
We took some pics and left to go to Ve's house. At her house we played cards, call of duty and rock band.I was doing pretty bad at Big 2 at first but as the night went on, I was just winning.It was pretty fun. We decided to leave around 10 and head to my place. Tony, Dustin, Simon, Jennifer and I originally planned to go to Boston Bowl, but we went to my place instead. But before heading there we stopped by Lollicup to say hi to Jessica. So they all chilled at my house till 12. We stayed and watch some parts of 300. I still have to watch that movie.
It was a pretty long day but was sure indeed fun. But there is just this one thing on my mind that just keeps on bothering me through out the whole week and today was no different. I think I gotta leave it alone and just let it fix itself.
Gotta wake up early tomorrow, so I am goona head to bed. Nights

Friday, April 3, 2009

Free SWAG!

I had to go to college fair today, which means Free SWAG. Hell yeah. but this year I got crap. Not as many tees and not as many bags. Actually, I did not even get one of those sling bags. Kinda disapointed but I did get this nice tee from Microsoft. If you seen those Microsoft commercials, then you would think that these Tees are pretty cool. Oh I saw Lisa Phung there, I thought that was pretty cool.

After the college fair, I went to Ms.William's class to chill until second lunch. Went down to lunch and Zhi and Tony welcomed me to their lunch table. Thank god, cause I had no where else to sit. After lunch, I went to Ms.William's class to chill for a bit. She had me talked to her 9th grade class for a bit. Maybe cause I am a junior and tell them what to expect in the later years of High School. I eventually had to go back to class. So I decided to slowly go to history class. Wasted like 10-15 mins walking around the building then I went to AP U.S History. Class went by pretty fast, maybe because I wasnt in class for half the time. So after class, Triangle picked me up from school and we decided to eat at a Diner. We all got burgers. It was a nice meal.

Tony later on drove me home. At home, I had to do some errands for my brothers and grand mother and study for a bit. Took a short nap after studying and watched some anime. K-ON!, fansubbed is finally out. The reason I'm watching it is because the anime studio rocks! and its another muisc anime genre. Can't wait for FMA's to series to premire next week. :].

Tomorrow, I will not be home for most of the day so if you need reach me call or text me!

I'm a PC,sadly

FREE SWAG. Kinda dissapointed that there wasnt more shit.

Here the Microsoft commercials I was talking about earlier :

This girl is such a cutie.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Up, What's happening

Whats up, Whats happening?
Reference to T.I's single Whats Up, Whats happening.

So nothing much is really happening to me lately. Same old usual stuff. School. Home. Study. Work. Yeah, pretty much the usual stuff. Have some time to play videogames and read lately. I've been reading Marvel Comic's Civil war and DC Comic's Justice League Tower of Babel, in school. Been playing alot of Pokemon Platinum whenever I have free time. School been alright lately. Suprisingly. I am kind of sick of AP US HISTORY but other than that it has been iight. Nah means? A lot of the kids in Spanish class and in Cisco Networking class were not in class this week due to MCAS. They will be returning tomorrow but I will not be seeing them since I have a field trip tomorrow. Yes, another field trip. This is like my 5th or 6th one this year? I'll be going to the college fair at the Regis Lewis Center in Roxbury,MA. I will not be gone for long but atleast I won't be in class like you suckas. So how have you guys been? Seems like I've been disconected lately. So Whats Up, Whats Happening?