Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

doesnt add up

I just recently thought, do my friends really consider me as a friend like how I consider them. All school year, since late October all of my friends agreed to plan something for that person's bday. if it either for a gift or a party or both. They asked me to chip in and others as well. We did this thing until April. I participated in all of these events. Probably wasted money I could have used to buy books for the next year. Well I thought it was all good, since I get to see my friends happy and having the sight of joyment to the face was enough. Sure, I am being a bit jealous right now but isn't it right when a person receives they should also give. Like in valentines day in Japan, the girls give chocolates to the guys. In return the guys gives back chocolates on white day. I thought birthdays worked like that too. Sure, a few of my friends spent the day with me on my birthday. In fact one of them got me a gift that I really liked. How about the others? The people I chipped in gifts for and crap. You'd expect for them to atleast give me a card. Nope, not even a single card. Shit, some of you guys got balloons and cards that sang. What do I get? Shit? People know who I am. I am appreciative about anything. Sure a txt msg and a fb msg is fine. But can't you be more considerate and atleast get me a card in which I can have memories for. Because honestly, who keeps a txt msg for years and years like how they keep a card. Idk, maybe its just me being jealous or maybe its my friends just not seeing me as the friend as I see them.

I am not the only one that experience this too. There were plenty of others. Sure, they may not feel the same way as I feel but its just been bothering me alot lately. Call me the jealous type but this is the truth. And for those who experience the same as I did, you should feel as sorry as I am
i’ve been so nice to people and people just treat me like crap. it just pisses me off and I dont wanna deal with people like that. good night.

Those were the words on my tumblr today if you guys do not follow me there.

So what is the meaning of all this? Well, if summer has taught me anything so far, it taught me that there are roughly three types of people you'll meet in life. Person one is the person that you can trust the most. Someone who can agree or disagree with your problems and life. They ask you whats going on, what happened when there was a big scene and they are just concerned about you. Person two, is the person that you are chill with. You can enjoy a nice drink with them, you guys chill a lot , you can talk about your problems but not reveal anything and thats all cool. They know that you guys aren't the best of friends but letting you know whatsup is just good to know. And person three, thats the one I despise the most. These are the people who are I think that they don't give a shit about you. They ask you whatsup because they want to make themselves look like a good friend. But whats the point of that if you just treat them like crap. These people bother me the most.

Whatever those are one of my many thoughts of the night.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I am still here

I've been on tumblr a lot lately. Why the switch, because I can just post up random shit such as music, photos and articles in a easier fashion. Don't worry blog, I won't abandon you. I've just been busy with summer that is all. I meant to write 2 posts today but I got extremely lazy. Anyways, summer has been great so far. I've been playing alot of basketball and been going to the ymca alot. I havent seen any dramatic changes but hopefully I'll see some. Anyways, I'll be back soon and if I am not then I'll be on hiatus

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i hate it when people just purposely ignore your txt msgs, ims and phone calls. it just shows how inconsiderate and rude a person truly is
I just hate how people just treat me like shit

Friday, June 18, 2010

Why do I try so hard

I ask myself, why do I even try. I have tried multiple approaches, done multiple things and I still fail. Even thought I am not the one that gives up easily, I guess what they say is true. Nice guys really do finish last