Tuesday, December 30, 2008

08 music awards.

I have seen so many thread about songs and albums of the year. Here is my opinion about this topic.

Mixtape of the year:
10 deep and Wale presents Mixtape about Nothing.
There was no other mixtape better than Wale's mixtape. Sure it was not as good as 100 miles and running but he delivered. This mixtape flowed well and has great songs and freestyles. The concept of taking clips from sienfield episodes and putting them into some songs were pretty cool. Best mixtape of 08

Single of the year :
T.I Feat Jay-z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne - Swagger like us
This song played everyday in the summer and I never got tired of it. Great lyrics, great beat and featured some heavy artist

Artist of the year :
Lil Wayne
Once again, meeting and surpassing people's expectations. What more can you ask for?

Album of the year :
There is goona much controversy about this but here are my picks. # 1 Being the best
10)Young Jeezy - Recession
9)The Killers - Day And Age
8)All American Rejects - When the World Comes Down
7)Kanye West- 808 and Heart Break
6)The Game - LAX
5)Ludacris Theater of the Mind
4)Nas - Untitled
3)Weezer - Red Album
2)T.I - Paper Trail
1)Lil Wayne - Carter 3
Ok, some may say that this album was "whack" because it did not deliver.. Well it did. There was not a single track that you can not like. Everyone's expectation for this album were really high. Even Kanye West can not even meet those expectations. It was the best album so far in 08.

What artist will hit it big next year?
I am really really hoping WALE makes it big next year. Dude really deserves it. Hopefully Skyzoo will make some noise too.

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