Sunday, January 24, 2010

Windows 7

I finally installed Windows 7. I absolutely hate it. Okay, it isnt that bad but shoot, I dont understand what is so special about it. Maybe if you are running Vista on a crap computer, I guess you can tell the difference but if you are running a machine like mine there is no difference at all. So why did I update? Well, I tried installing Steam and for some reason it wouldn't install. I was reading on the forums that I might have to upgrade to 7. I've had the installation cd around my house for months since I was able to get it for free. Had to wipe the computer because I knew I probably had some trojans running when I had Vista. So I wiped and upgraded just so that I can play some games on Steam.

So what is there to hate about it? Well, one of the features on my computer was that it has a wireless antenna on it. I ran 8-10 mb/s when I was running Vista. When I upgraded to 7, it dropped to 1-2 mb/s. Fucking sucks. So I had to buy a wire so I can connect it to my router. Well atleast it runs 20 mb/s now. thank god

OH I forgot to add, when I wiped my computer I forgot I recently downloaded anime. I forgot to back it up. Now I have to redownload all of em. Thats like 15 gbs of anime that I have to re download. If anyone has Bakemonogatari, Hayate , Azumanaga, Hitmusa or anything else lmk!!

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