Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I've been writing and blogging for a few years already. I've started blogging on blogspot since 10th grade for an extra credit assignment. Who would have known that I would have fell in love with it. What caught my eye was that I was able to vent, talk about whatever I want, read and just comment. It was always loved the blogging community on sites such as Kotaku, Gizmodo, RandomC, Elitaste and other blogs. As I get ready for my AP composition exam tomorrow, I just think about how I fell in love with writing. My goal as a writer is to have readers enjoy what I am actually reading, like how I feel when I read. My goal as a blogger is totally different. My goal as a blogger is to promote(well I wouldnt use the word promote) what I love. I feel like if I can get one fan out of all my readers, I feel like I've done my job. But why you may ask? Because, I feel like it is my duty as a blogger to show what I love and embrace it. Sure, I've been blogging about my emotions, feelings and myself a lot. Honestly, when I first started my blog, I didn't want that. I just wanted a site that shows all my interest. But this is perfectly fine because now I have a mix of what I feel and what I enjoy. Ironically, when I first started my blog I named it Cliche, which means stereotypical. My blog was far from that. Everyday I would write or post up something completely absurd. Thank god I changed that name.

The point of all this today, is that I realized that I've come along way from where I started from.

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