Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm starting to feel sick of people. I feel like I do so much for some people and they don't appreciate it. I'm they type of a person that wouldn't mind a simple thanks,a card or just a little of acknowledgement of their grattitude. I just feel so sick of it lately. I'm not being selfish or anything but sometimes it just really bothers me. Some of the times I never recieved those things. Maybe I am being selfish now, or maybe it's others being selfish or not caring .. Like last night I had a dream where we were celebrating christimas, and everybody all my friends and families were all happy. They were just enjoying themselves because they were just having fun. The reason for all this is because christimas is a day in which no one forgets. Absoultely everyone has it marked on the calender. Everyone has a good time because it's a joyous occasion. Getting to my point, just recently my brothers bday just past. No body said happy bday to him. I was still in school at the time and I couldn't say it. Instead I got him a card. So when I went to orientation this week , he offered me a ride. Somehing he usually doesn't do. He feels much like what I feel. You should recieve in what you give. Well those are my two cents. You can now follow me on tumblr at

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