Sunday, July 11, 2010

doesnt add up

I just recently thought, do my friends really consider me as a friend like how I consider them. All school year, since late October all of my friends agreed to plan something for that person's bday. if it either for a gift or a party or both. They asked me to chip in and others as well. We did this thing until April. I participated in all of these events. Probably wasted money I could have used to buy books for the next year. Well I thought it was all good, since I get to see my friends happy and having the sight of joyment to the face was enough. Sure, I am being a bit jealous right now but isn't it right when a person receives they should also give. Like in valentines day in Japan, the girls give chocolates to the guys. In return the guys gives back chocolates on white day. I thought birthdays worked like that too. Sure, a few of my friends spent the day with me on my birthday. In fact one of them got me a gift that I really liked. How about the others? The people I chipped in gifts for and crap. You'd expect for them to atleast give me a card. Nope, not even a single card. Shit, some of you guys got balloons and cards that sang. What do I get? Shit? People know who I am. I am appreciative about anything. Sure a txt msg and a fb msg is fine. But can't you be more considerate and atleast get me a card in which I can have memories for. Because honestly, who keeps a txt msg for years and years like how they keep a card. Idk, maybe its just me being jealous or maybe its my friends just not seeing me as the friend as I see them.

I am not the only one that experience this too. There were plenty of others. Sure, they may not feel the same way as I feel but its just been bothering me alot lately. Call me the jealous type but this is the truth. And for those who experience the same as I did, you should feel as sorry as I am

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  1. i for one am sorry for not treating you like the friend you are to me lawrence, i know you were one of the people who chipped in to get me a new phone for my birthday, heck you lent me a phone to use when i didnt have one.

    im not sure how i can show you that i did not intend on forgetting to get you something for your birthday, its just simply i was dead busy with volleyball and asian night around your birthday time, i know that it is no excuse.

    to get you a birthday present or card now would be too late and no meaning...

    so right now, i truly feel sorry for being one of the people responsible for making you feel this way.