Friday, February 19, 2010

new pickups

Some New pickups from the bdga sale.Futura box tee [sold!]
Second pair of real deal half cabs. I just had to cop them since they were only 20 dollars. In fact, all their half cabs were 20 dollars. Might cop another pair tomorrow! Oh, hydro 5's arent my size but since they are only sandles, I was easily able to fit them. 20 dollars isn't too bad for sandles.
anyways blogger needs a new way to upload photos. this shit sucks. Oh yeah, i was able to see a few of my buddies at bdga while I was there. Kind of a surprise to see Paul, TJ, Jenny Mak and em.

1 comment:

  1. oh shit dude. I missed the sales =(. Should of told me man. I coulda went with you or something. I'm in need of more half cabs =/