Monday, March 22, 2010


So Saturday marked the first day of Spring. Yup, that is right, Winter has come and gone and Spring is finally here. Spring is the season where we finally find out which colleges that we get into and other crap. It also means that it is volleyball season for the boys. The team actually have a game on Friday against BLA.

So what did I do on the first day of Spring? I had to attend an AP session for English Language at BC. This is my 3rd AP session in a row and I have another one this week. These AP Sessions are starting to piss me off. So I actually got to chill around some of my buddies at the school, went around the campus for a tour and won a 10 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble. I probably use it to buy my next Haruhi Suzumiya book, lol. So after my AP session, I just went to Chinatown to play some volleyball with the guys and chilled at Boston Bowl for a while. Pretty much my whole weekend besides chilling with my family on sunday

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