Friday, January 30, 2009


I have not done a real post in a while, so I guess I should write one now. It was a kind of an interesting day for me. I was part of a Job Shadow Program. I was chosen to go to Fiduciary Trust, located in Downtown,Boston. I was originally supposed to go to a Private Mutual Fund company in Copley but I guess they changed it last minute. But Fiduciary Trust was not that bad, so I guess the last minute change did not really bother me. I actually learned a lot there. It seemed like a pretty cool and chill place to work. Nice view, nice people, nice building and I love the comfortable chairs. My mentor did not look to bad either. She was part Korean and part black which surprised me a little. I am actually pretty interested in working there sometime in the future.But yeah, it was a good day. I got out of there around 12:30 ish which is pretty good.

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Have a nice weekend.
Peace and God Bless

/Edit : How do you guys like the new background. I like the Haruhi Banner a lot.

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  1. how did they tell you last minute? lmaoo.. and was your mentor hot. HALF KOREAN HALF BLACK, that's cool!

    you should disable the word verification for your comments. everytime i comment, they make me put in the word code. kinda annoying but at least it stops spamming lol