Saturday, January 31, 2009

wdywt 1/31/09

What I wore today. Went to the gym and bakery shop
Concepts New Era fitted.
AE Vneck
Jordan 4 Black cats.

O yah, how do you guys like the Haruhi Banner? I think her cheeks are kinda off but it is all good.
So at the gym there was an old guy running next to me. He came right after I did. I did not want him to beat me and last longer than I did. So I refused to get off before he did. He ran for 45 mins. I wanted to beat him so I stayed for like 47 mins. I did not want to lose to an old guy :/. After I went to the gym, I went to the bakery shop but there was nothing good there. I was so mad since it was cold as hell and I went to the bakery shop for no reason. When I got home, I found out that I didn't have to go to the bakery shop earlier since someone already did. Seemed like I wasted my time there.

Talib Kweli and John Forte killed in on this track

"Homecoming" John Forte + Talib Kweli

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