Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Blanks. (Ted's Band)

I sure do enjoy watching scrubs. Amazing episode tonight. So far so good for the new season. One thing that this season is missing as well as the other recent season is the appearance of The Blanks. No doubtingly the show always picks the right songs for the right moment but I sure do like miss The Blanks. Also known as Ted's Band on the show. The show did a cover on the Sesame Street Theme song today and Ted's Band was no were to be found. I do not mean to flame Joshua Radin, who did a great job, I just think that Ted's Band would have the occasion perfectly like what they did with the Over the Rainbow. Hope they do bring back Ted's Band or The Blanks or the Worthless Peons. Whatever you call them, Bring them back.

How cool is this?
Acappella version of Lazlo Bane's Superman performed by The Blanks

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