Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How far I've come

This is going to be a long post so if you do not feel like reading, gtfo.

Junior year. O what a year it was. I loved it! Even with all the stress, work, tears, pain and hardship it was all rewarding and entertaining. Yall kids might be thinking that I am joking or some shit but you guys did not have the same class experience that I had this year. I feel fortunate to have teachers and classmates that actually care! Oh how grateful I am. Even though the school year is not over yet, as I entered my empty classrooms these last few days, all I can do there is just reminisce all the good times I had there. From Period 1 AP English Language & Composition to Period 6 Physics.

desktop in cisco class. :)

So what made this school year so great and fun? Well, I guess the classmates, friends and teachers. This year was my first year where I had caring teachers through most of my courses. But I can not give all the credit to the teachers. I have to give some credits from my classmates. I loved my classmates this year. Even those little 10th graders in my computer class to some former seniors in my Pre-Calculus. They just made the class so much better and so much more enjoyable. Sure, they are times where you hate your classmates but you have to admit the students in the class is what makes the class enjoyable. Well, in my perspective.

I was actually able to get to know people better this year. I knew most of the people in my class last year or the year before that but having them in class this year made it so much better. I got to know their personality, talked to them and even made some new friends. Kinda strange how one class can change how the way people communicate and interact with each other. I was even talking to people who I thought I would never talk to or will even ever meet because I never seen them around. That is a shame because I wish I got to know some of these people earlier so we could have developed a better friendship or something.

But it was not all school that made this school year fun. I had tons of fun outside of school. From chilling at Zhi's and Jennifer's place everyday to playing volleyball at BCNC during the fall and winter. Those were indeed good times. No matter what I did it seemed like I was enjoying myself. Trying to learn how to iceskate,playing pool,camping ,playing mahjong, hotpotting, fishing or just chilling. All that was fun! We definitely need to do some of that stuff again in the summer. Well obviously we can not go iceskating in the summer but maybe fishing or pool?

Mahjong at Zhi's place during the 1st feminine Saturday

However, if there is one thing I do regret is not taking shit seriously. Especially when it came down to studying. I didn't realize how important school was this year until March. That when I really buckled down to study. It was kinda too late but better late than never right. I guess the studying did pay off. I learned a lesson in the end and learned that you can't always have fun forever. There are some days where you can have fun and other days where you just have to sit down and work.

Those were not the only regret I had this year. This school year I developed a small crush on this girl. I just wished I've done something with it. I still have this small crush on this girl till this day. Not as big as it used to be but there was one point during the school year where I had my chance and I just missed it. I was once again too late to realize that I had my opportunity to grab the girl. Even though it was something small this could have changed a lot. Sure, I may like things now but I think if I was able to seize my opportunity I think things would have been a lot better. Oh well, you go to live with your actions.

Even with all these regret and problems the school year turned out to be real good. One thing I really like was that a lot of conflicts that have been resolved. Sure there are some more that lurk around but I am glad to see people take the step and resolve what needed to be resolved.

Even these last few days has been great. Campnig with Triangle Offense and watching UP with friends was great. Great way to end the year. A great movie and a fantastic weekenend. Even as the school year is ending, I still seem to be having fun. I just can't believe how much fun I had this year. I just wanted to thank you guys for being there when I needed it and just being good friends.

I just simply loved Junior year of highschool. I had so much fun. From Bowling to Volleyball every single thing was fun. Sure there are thing I do regret but forget it. You have to live with your actions. It may seem that I have been emo here and there this year but who isn't emo once in a while. Its just your mood. And as some of you may know moods can change in a second. I can't believe ith as been a year though. I've grown alot, I've come far and I learned a whole lot. I met tons of great people. Got to know some great people. I had the best time of my life so far this year. Just simply great. Let us all hope for a better year next year.

I'll try to put some pics up tomorrow. I'm going to sleep now. Gnite.


  1. haha what a cute entry
    lots of memories
    junior year was too fast lol

  2. i agree with ve, junior year did fly by. i guess its because this year was most fun? or maybe its just we're running out of time as it counts down. but lets just record these life time memories so we can look back at the road we took once our time comes to when we cross that stage and said "we've did it!" :]