Sunday, June 14, 2009

It is a Celebration bitchess

First, I wanna congratulate my good friend Zhi Deng for graduating highschool. Best wishes to him and his future.

So yesterday, it was the senior class graduation which means that I am unofficially a senior. The graduation itself was pretty dull. Boring speeches, bad seats and loud people forced me to leave early. Came back when they were calling out names. We made it just in time for Zhi's name to be called. I was pretty happy for him to walk across the stage and grab his diploma. After everybody's name was called, the audience rushed down to the field for pictures. I shook hands, took pictures and congratulated people who were graduating. Later on, the guys went to celebrate Zhi's graduation. We went to Jade's Garden to eat dinner with a few friends and family members then headed to Chau Chow city restaurant to karaoke. Stayed for a bit and left.

Unfourtately, I didn't do much today(saturday). I woke up pretty late in the afternoon. Brother treated me to lunch today which was nice of him. I ordered indonesian fried rice. It was pretty spicy but it was pretty good. Later in the day, I dropped by Zhi's house to play videogames. It wasn't too bad. Walked around Downtown after. After that, went home and started to reorganize my ipod and download some mixtapes. Yup, pretty dull weekend.


  1. yeah congratulations to every senior :] NEXT YEAR WILL BE US!!! 2010! >:]

  2. haha people were kinda forcing it, we were so close to the graduates
    but yeah congrats to them