Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Preview

The next few days are going to be torture. Statistic class tomorrow from 8-12. Great! As for finals,Thursday I got finals for Spanish III and AP United States History. I am not too worried about History but I am extremely worried about Spanish. Friday isn't too bad. Hopefully, I will have enough time for the English final and hopefully Pre-Calculus will be simple. Took Physics and Cisco today. KILLED MY CISCO FINAL. 95 percent and I thought I did decent for Physics.

So right after the finals on Friday, I am planning jet out of school and to go camping with T.O. Hopefully mother earth will bring us some good weather(for us) .Unfortunately, this means that I will not be attending the Junior Class Cookout. Sorry guys! Hope you guys have fun! I'll be gone from Friday and will be returning Saturday afternoon. Lets hope that this trip will be successful! I have a feeling that I'll be getting absurd comments about this trip when I blog back but in the end it will be all worth it if we succeed.

Enjoy FINALS week and have a nice safe weekend!
New layout to hype weekend


  1. i like your banner very much

  2. YOU GUYS SUCK! AHHH!! ehhh jk -_-!! i WON'T save yall food and deliver them. GOSH! hahaha!

  3. physics finals, we beasted, aint no way we failed lol. The only thing I look forward for this week is camping with my fellow triangles lol