Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Time It's Dangerous

Just came back from my camping trip. The weather kinda sucked but in the end it all worked out and we were satisfied with the results! We began our trip right after school on Friday. The school day felt like forever. Especially periods 4-6. Right after my 6th period class, I jetted to my locker to get my Cap and my beaters. It had already started raining when we left the building but when we got to our destination the weather definitely calmed down. Me and Dustin found out spot while Tony was looking for a space to park. Immediately right after dropping off our stuff at the drop off point, we started to talk to our neighbors. Our neighbors were pretty friendly and were cool. Tony eventually did find parking and brought back chairs. We sat, ate and walked around Harvard square till like three. Jenny, came right after we ate and found herself sitting next to us during the camp. A few hours after Jenny came it started to rain. In my head, I was like "OH GREAT!" . It wasn't the pussy rain either. It was like POURING! Jennifer, decided to come along to bring us subs and brownies. .Tony was looking for parking once again, he parked in a handicap spot for less than 5 minutes. He came back and he found a ticket waiting for him. That kinda sucked because he was gone for less than 5 minutes and the person just gave a ticket to him. Well we tried to forget about it and focus on our goal which was to get what we wanted. Jennifer had to go somewhere at night so she left. So it was just triangle offense and jenny as well as the new friends we made waiting in line. Day soon became Night and we suddenly found ourselves waiting outside in the dark for a while doing pretty much nothing. We walked around Harvard Square a few times, played some Nintendo Ds and even tried to play cards. But what was the most entertaining thing to do was watch this black man by the name of "Radio" do some stupid ass shit and say some stupid ass shit. It was like every other second he would mention something about pussy, Michael Vick, Bagels or trying to holler at a girl. He was actually quiet entertaining for a while. Soon, Tony's and Jenny's cousin came by. He brought us the food we needed to survive the night. It was pretty good. :). After eating, the line started to move. We suddenly found ourselves 2 blocks ahead from where we originally started. It was already started to get late and Tony's cousin had to leave. So triangle offense decided to walk around and take pictures. We originally started taking pictures where we set up camp but we eventually started to walk around Harvard campus. Harvard is definately way different at night. Clubs, music and hobo magically appear from no where. You see CVS and Au Bon Pain open till 3 am. Harvard is certainly a sight to see during the day but is definitely a place to go at night. When we came back from our little walk around Harvard, we saw a group of kids in a big crowd. I thought it was going to be a fight or something. Unfortunately, there was no physical contact involved. However, they were freestyling and verbally abusing each other. This was pretty annoying because most some of us were trying to sleep but couldn't because every two minutes some one would scream loudly. However, I managed to be the first one to sleep. I slept for a total of 40 minutes then woke up. Dustin slept next as well as Tony. Me and Jenny were left saving seats for them in the morning. Me and Jenny just walked around and talked. Jenny eventually was the next one to sleep. So it was me by myself saving seats for myself and 3 others. Thank god, I didn't have to do it on my own. The friends I made in the beginning stayed with me and we talked and chatted for a bit. When the other 3 woke up, it was my turn to sleep. Woke up, and we put the chairs back in the car. We lined up for the shoes. This had to be the most annoying part of the camp. People were trying to cut, people didn't listen to instructions and the weather was so hot! We waited in like for atleast 2-3 hrs. We were all worried that we wouldn't be able to get a pair since there were mad heads ahead of us and the line was moving slow. But the sooner we got to the door the more confidence we had. However there was one scary moment. When I went to pick up the kicks, the cashier dropped the package. I thought something might have broke but when we got home everything seemed to be fine. They stayed at my house for a bit and then we left. Me and Dustin left to go to Chinatown to chill at Jennifer's place. Dustin fell asleep there while me and Jennifer just watched korean stuff. Oh lord.

Well it was a fun weekend. Met some great people and I got what I wanted! Next camp out TB3s?


  1. lmao did guys bring gum or something? cuhs you know, you need to freshen up your breath and shit. but my friend, Jon, said he seen you guys at Harvard square. it was like early in the morning too.

    but yeah
    mission accomplished
    was it all worth it?

  2. ooo thats coool, the color's pretty nice