Thursday, November 12, 2009


My brothers and I are starting to play a lot of videogames. Stephen is playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Roger is playing Dragaon Age and I am playing Final Fantasy IV on my iPhone. What is cool about it is that we all are playing on different types on consoles. Stephen is playing on a home console (Xbox 360), Roger is using his PC and I'm playing on my iPhone. I logged roughly around 6 hrs of gamplay in the past week which isn't too much. I thought it would be around 10 hrs by now. Actually, thats more like Roger. I swear that kid just stays in his room, watch anime and play Dragon Age. He will occasionally come out to watch television with us but only on Wednesday and Thursday. Stephen on the other hand has finally stopped talking about Fantasy Football and has a new obsession. He's probably logged 8 hrs by now! Thats a lot since he does have a girlfriend and a job. So I am like 1/3 done with Final Fantasy IV. Mostly because I usually level up on the bus and during APES class. Then at home I will go on and do the quest. So what do I plan on playing next? Well, I am probably going to start Final Fantasy V and VI, then I and II. After that I'll start the Golden Age series and alot more. I am planning to finish all of them right before the school year ends. Hopefully I will get this accomplished.

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