Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pay my teacher their dues!

Okay, so you don't usually see me here talking about my homie Nigel. Nigel was recently featured on the Boston Hearld. So of course this is big news! Congrats homie!

So, the article went on and talked about the recent controversy of teachers getting paid their dues. Our school is fortunate enough to have Exxon mobile partner up with our school to pay our teachers an extra 100 dollars for each student who pass the AP EXAM. Sounds good right? Well, I believe so but others don't. My friend Nigel agrees that they should get paid and so do I. But there are a tremendous amount of teachers who do not think they should get paid. I just think teachers who do not think they should get paid are just jealous. I even had a teacher tell me today that my teachers were considered "pimps". I just wanted to kill her right there because that is just disrespectful. Sure, the money could have went to the school but calling my teacher a pimp. That is just uncalled for!

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