Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life goes on

Last time I made a real entry was a while ago, so I'll give you an update what has been happening lately. The month of October flew by super fast! I can't even imagine that we only have to work our ass off in school for only 2 more months. Talking about school, it looks like I finally made it on the honor roll. THAT RIGHT, FINALLY ON THE HONOR ROLL! EAT THAT SPANISH II and III. The only class that kept me from the honor roll the past years. Beasted in most of my AP courses and my regular courses as well. Enough talking about school, lets talk about other things. Like Halloween? Did everyone have a nice Halloween? I sure did! Finally was able to spend some quality time with some buddies. Went to trick or treat with my friends at school and others! Had a blast but was uber tired after! Pictures are on facebook! Pretty much whats been happening with my life. I know, I make it sound so exciting even though it is actually pretty boring.

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