Sunday, April 11, 2010

1 week till spring break

So I am probably goona end up going to Umass Lowell next year. Excited? Not really, because I believe that Lowell is horrible. I never like Lowell, but I might enjoy the school.

So spring break is almost here! So far I do not have any plans, but I wanna visit Newyork sometime that week. I actually saw my cousins, aunts and uncles from Newyork today when I went to eat lunch. I had to eat with them because my father didn't order enough seats on one table so he made me sit at the Newyork family table. It was actually pretty fun. I actually spoke to my cousin for the first time in years even though I do see her once a year, I never really had a chance to talk to her. The family seems to be really young as they talked about Lady Gaga and Apple products. If I do decide to visit Newyork over break, maybe I'll come by their store and check out the fucci stuff they are selling . Afterwards, I went home, took a long ass nap and started on some homework.

Yesterday, was pretty tiring. I went to take an AP test for Environmental Science. I was able to finish the multiple choice section in 20 mins. While I was waiting for time to expire, I took a nap, drew some pictures and went to the bathroom. Yeah, I didn't really take the test seriously because I just didn't feel like taking it at all. After the test, I decided to head to chinatown to play some basketball and volleyball. Jammed another finger. I hate jamming fingers. After volleyball, I went to play pool with a few friends and headed home.

I can not wait till spring break. I hope volleyball practice is in the morning so I can have some time to chill with friends in the afternoon. Any ideas on what we/I should do during spring break?

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