Thursday, April 29, 2010


Who remembers the year 2005? I'm pretty sure no one can clearly remember what 2005 was like. One thing I do remember were the Huarache 2k5. The Huarache 2k5, were my favorite basketball sneakers. With the full plate of carbon fiver, nike zoom air bag, ankle support, kobe's symbol. It just was a great sneaker. Unfortunately, I never got them that year. 2 years later, I went on ebay to look for a pair of basketball sneakers. Fed up with my Jordan 9.5's, I decided to go look at Nike Basketball. At the time, I think the Kobe III's just came out. Even though I heard good things about them, they werent a sneaker that I totally fell in love with. So after days looking for a pair of Nike Basketball, I found a pair of Huarache 2k5. I immediately bought them. However, when I first got them, I hated them. They were too tight and I couldn't move my feet. So I just left it in my closet. 3 years has passed and once again I am looking for a new basketball sneaker. I was planning to get these kobe v's I made on the Nike ID site but instead I looked at my closet to see what I have left to play ball in. I found my old 2k5's. I put them on, and they feel like heave. I love my 2k5's

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