Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring season

what the hell am I watching this season?Series: Heroman
Reason : Mostly because its created by Stan Lee and its produced by Bones. The plot so far is decent. I think the show can move a bit faster right now but slower pace means more episodes,and that is a win. Oh, did I mention that the show takes place in California, UnitedStates?!?!

OP :

Series : B Gata H KeiReason: Eechi, what more can I say?

Series : Angel Beats
Reason : Studio production is really good. Story looks to be unique and one of a kind. Characters are great(so far) and I think it is a cool concept. Hopefully, they try not to do anything complex.

Series : Kiss x Sis
Reason : Eechi, incest, what more can you ask for in a comedy.

Series : K-ON!!
Reason : Kyoto Animation studio. Cute. Music Series. Comedy. All about music. Season 1 was good so I wanna watch the second season.

i might switch over to wordpress if I want to keep up with anime blogging.

I wrote an entry for Working but since blogger was gay, it didnt show up.

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