Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whats new?

So I have been blessed with a new computer. Well, I had it for like 3 weeks already but I haven't really been using it. I recently wiped out my old sony viao so it has nothing there. Thank god I backed up all my music, docs, pictures and videos. So this new computer was cheap so I decided to buy it. Decided to give my viao to my dad for the new shop. I fucking love slickdeals. Always has the best shit for the best prices. One thing that I hate about it that the graphic card really sucks. Sure, its better than my viao but I was hoping to play some games on it. Another thing is that the keyboard that came with does not have as many features. And one last thing is that its running Vista. Windows 7 is coming right around the corner and Vista is really annoying. Good thing I decided to up the RAM on my computer.

Okay, so enough of computer talk. Not really much to talk about lately. Well there is but there are some things I like to keep to myself.

There has been one thing I've been doing alot lately. That has been partying. Either if its small or large. I just can't stop partying. Tomorrow is the start of the new weekend and there is no party insight which is unusual. I think last week was the best one out of all the ones I've been too. Had so much fun and just was nice chilling and relaxing. Who cares if I felt terrible right after, it just felt so great.

So whats new with you?

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  1. lmaooo "There has been one thing I've been doing alot lately. That has been partying."