Sunday, August 30, 2009


Its late. Nothing to do so why not blog?

I've been always known to carry change around in my pocket. I usually put my change and receipts in my left ass pocket and my wallet on my right. But one thing that I find annoying is the size of coins. I never understood why dimes are smaller than nickel physically but when talking value the dime is 2 times the value of a nickel. Atleast make the fucking dime bigger. I dont care that its smaller than the nickel. I just fucking hate the size of them because when searching for change I can never tell the difference between a penny and a dime. Maybe I should just start throwing away pennies or maybe the United States should stop issuing pennies. Most pennies are being used for no good anyways.

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  1. haha i agree, but i like the size of a dime, it's cute. but the size of a nickel is handier