Tuesday, August 4, 2009


About damn time I'd update about my weekend.

So what a great way to start August.

Saturday marked the first official day of August 2009 and I had a blast! Woke up kinda late since I was playing Marvel VS Capcom 2 the night before on my 360. I love that game so much. I probably clock in like one to two hrs of playing each day. hahaha, only if I can do that with studying. So yeah, woke up played some Marvel VS Capcom 2 on the 360. Cooked something and was about to head out. But before I left, my boss and one of my brother's friend came over to give me something. I wasn't really expecting it but it was cool that I got it. So after I got what I needed, I left to Zhi's place. I haven't chilled at his place all summer. hahaha. At first it was only tim, tony lee, zhi dustin and myself. We played a few rounds of poker. I was even after the intermission. As the day went on, more and more people decided to come over. The reason for so many people over was because we were celebrating Dustin getting his license. But in actuality we just wanted an excuse to party. So instead of continuing with poker we used the poker money to buy some drinks, snacks and entertainment. Some people didn't have so much fun. Some people were just out of control and we had to stop everything for a bit. It is all good because people were about to leave anyways. Anyways,someone pointed out the Triangle obsession of Jagerbombs. Everytime we party it seems like each of us do a Jagerbomb. I guess its our drink. .So instead of going home, I decided to stay over and clean up. After cleaning up and taking care of some things, I decided to ball up. I was surprised that I saw some people playing at 2 in the morning in Chinatown. hahaha. It was a fun game! I stayed a bit longer and the others left. Stayed till like 4 in the morning.

Sunday morning was really bad for me. I woke up with a small headache and I lost in Mahjong :/. Yeah a real bummer. Also the train was really crowded when I was going home. When I got home, I took a refreshing shower and hopped into bed. Took a nap and then did some gardening work. I love gardening. Pretty much my relaxing Sunday.

Monday, was a bad day. Got flaked hard and kid still wants to meet up. Whatever, we'll see what goes on thursday. So went to galleria with Jack Dustin and Jennifer. Pretty boring, but killed some time. hahahha

Today, woke up and did some errands and studied. Filled out my papers for Drivers Ed. Passing that shit in tomorrow. Started to talk to Jennifer, Ve , Simon and Dustin on Gchat and we all agreed to hang out today. We were thinking beach at first but things got complicated. Instead we chose to chill at Jennifer's place. Picked her up at Brigham's and just chilled at her house. Watched a few episodes of Friends. OMG, I love that show. Simon eventually didn't come, he probably forgot or was to busy. Its all good though. Tong came instead. hahahah. Went home did some work in the garden and pretty much my day.

I love this song.


  1. omg you sooo stole that banner LOL

  2. lol nice entry and i didnt come cause i had to eat dinner early and i had volleyball practice so my bad mang.