Monday, August 31, 2009


As summer begins to wind down, I can not help but think how much I have learned, experienced and how much fun I had this summer. Spending times with my friends and family were priceless. From the time we spent on the basketball court to the time we spent at Zhi's. It sure was a great summer. I guess the last meteorological day of summer makes me kinda feel nostalgic right now. Oh by the way, please excuse my grammar in this post. I wrote a few papers today and I am not in the mood to check my grammar. haha. So back to what I was saying, this being the last meteorological day of summer makes me feel nostalgic. Remembering all the fun times I had. All the stupid shit I did. All the things I regret. All the things I loved. This is one summer to remember. I wish I took enough photos or made a mv for all the experience I had. I guess there always next time.


  1. it's okay. there are plenty of pictures

  2. lol this summer was sure fun, did alot of things, but kinda wasted some days sleeping at home but then i guess it was worth it since i needed to catch up on sleeping!