Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blah blah blah

First day of the school year was today. Any fun? Not really but sure was exciting. I already knew that I was going to have English Honors first period with Owen, Ve, Kevin and Stephanie. But I wasn't expecting to see some of my AP English friends to be in my first period. Decided to sit with Hussain, a fellow classmate in my English class last year. I was supposed to sit with Ve, but I thought she was going to follow me and she went her own way. Haahha, sorry. The class wasn't that bad. There are alot of people who I wish weren't there but at least its not full of ghetto kids. During first period we got our ANNUAL bus pass. Yes, that is right, annual bus passes. In my opinion I think this is a STUPID idea because what if I lose a bus pass. I would have to pay full fare every time I take the train or bus. Other than that, I thought 1st period wasn't too bad. I have a good group of classmates and the teacher seems really nice and reasonable. Stats class was probably the best class of the day. It just felt like one of those summer classes but instead it was shorter and the class size was smaller. Instructions were confusing at first but Vu later explained it to me. lol As for the next two classes, I hated them. Ms.Bailey is a crazy. Most of her ideas and philosophies don't make sense at all. Biology 2 was bad because it was boring and the teacher seems mean. >>. Lunch felt short. As the day progressed, classes felt shorter and before I knew it the final bell rang. Now all I need to do is get out of those two classes or learn to like them.

After school, Stephanie gave me a ride. It was a smooth ride but I think it would it have been faster if she went through brookline instead of going all the way to copley and switching to the highway. Went home, took a 30 min nap and went to studying. Called up kevin to head to staples and went home. Ate and now watching football. I love football season. Hopefully my team does good this year. Rivers and Jackson FTFW!

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  1. aww that sucks! I LOVE MY CLASSES THOUGH! first day is always boring! but im sooo changing my last period. LOl