Thursday, September 3, 2009

This caffeine

Its 3 oclock in the morning. Why the hell am I still up? I decided to buy a monster today because I needed to start and finish Nickel and Dimed. I was able to finish the book within 2.5 hrs. Start after 12 and finished roughly around 3. The caffeine in the Monster did help. Just that I was expecting to finish the book in 4hrs so I decided to drink a whole can. Now I can't go to sleep. Might just start playing more MvC2 or finish up Stats homework. Damn, I am not looking foward to this morning. I have to wake up early to help do something for my brother. I hope I will get enough sleep.


  1. you're crazyy!! lol i wish i can do that, i get knocked out right at like 12 ish :/

  2. loll i wish the knowledge in your brain would go into mine...