Saturday, September 26, 2009


Uhhh, so last night I had the strangest dream ever! I was on the last train heading back to Brighton. I was dead tired so I knew I was going to sleep on the train. So while I was waiting for the train I set my alarm clock for 1230 because I was hoping the alarm clock would wake me up. So on the train, I found a seat in the corner. I love those seats because it makes sleeping a whole lot easier and less embarrassing.I started to doze off. So while I was dozing off I had a vision that I kept on twisting and turning on the train. I was dreaming that I couldn't sleep and that I was still in the tunnel of the train. That the first time that ever happened to me. Then suddenly, what felt like 4 minutes was actually 30 minutes. Then suddenly my phone started to ring. It was my alarm clock that I set up at 1230. And before I knew it, I was already in Allston. I was totally freaking out because my dream felt like 4 minutes. I started to think to myself that I was dreaming. So I started slapping myself. Putting on my ipod. I probably looked like a total dumb ass. When the train was coming to my stop, I began to walk. I immediately fell down. I was dizzy, eyes were tired and I couldn't even walk a straight line. So when I got off the train I started sleep walking. Thank god I made it home safe.

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  1. who sets an alarm to wake themselves up in a train? Loser! lol. and wth why were you soo tired. more like you were drunk, lucky you made it home safe