Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fantasy week 3


This lost makes me 1-2 for the season. After a disapointing week 2, I come into week 3 looking for a win. Instead Maurice Fucking Jones Drew and Reggie Wayne had an explosive game. AND MY KICKER, he only scored two fucking points! TWO POINTS! WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the Redskins. Hope they lose next week as I picked up a brand new kick this week. Also picked up Jabar Gafney, Bengals (D/ST) and Issac Bruce. All good pickups since Galloway sucks and Heath Evan is a big gamble to start. But FML, I should have won this game but atleast it wasn't as bad as week 2.

My week 2 results ( wished I didnt benched Rivers) FML.
Rivers scored 26 pts that week

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  1. you FML for fantasy football? are you kidding me.