Tuesday, September 1, 2009

labor day

September 1st, formally known as labor day around here. This day pretty much means nothing to me as I sat home on the morning trying to finish some work before school. Yes , school is about to start soon. Can't believe it. So after doing some homework I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Kinda enjoyed the weather today . Nice, breezy and sunny. Also got to meet some of the new people around the neighborhood. Not really meet, but just check out some of the new girls around the block. Now I wish a hot girl moved next door.lalala. Returned back around three. Was goona meet up with a few friends but i didn't lol. Instead , took a nap . Pretty much my labor day. Dang I need to start hanging and going again.

Oh, I was listening to jay-z's new album. It is pretty nice

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