Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nothing really

Nothing really to blog about. Life is just becoming stale. Hopefully, these next few days will rejuvenate my life as I look forward to these next few weeks. I've join the BCNC league again this year. It seems like BLS and NQHS isn't going to be playing. That is good news for us, competition wise. Pregame or as I would like to call it, Week 0 didn't go to well. Miscommunication, errors and unbalanced teams were definitely keys to our losses on Saturday. Hopefully as the league season progress so will our team.

So I've finally started my college "stuff" today. I went to see one of my teachers after school so she can help me. I always feel like there is a line whenever I want to talk to her. Kids just line up to see her just for stupid things. I am pretty sure that they just want to suck up, but I was like that when I was younger too.

Lately, I've been hooked on RockBand. Again. But this time it is for the iPhone. I just downloaded it yesterday and its pretty fun considering that its still a mobile game. However, the vocals suck for that game. I finally have something new to do during Environmental Science class. And for those who thought I only listen to rap, up yours. Just kidding. -_-;

Got my volleyball hoody today. Feels kinda plain but its all good :]. Has my last name on the back as well.

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