Monday, October 12, 2009


I just finished watch Star Trek (2009). I know I am kinda late but its better later than never. So I thought the movie was real good. I love the action, the plot, the story and just almost everything. But there was one thing I hate about this movie. Well its not really about the movie but more of the character. I am not a huge Star Trek fan. I used to watch it weekly but the series has died out and I am not too interested anything besides Voyager. So like I was saying before, I hate this one particular character. I thought Spock was just horrible. The acting was great and all but the role he played just made me hate him. Hopefully they make a sequel to this because I am not looking forward to watching the old 80 films of this series. If you weren't able to catch this on film, try to buy it on DVD when it comes out next month. I was so glad that I got an advance copy of the DVD as well as G.I.Joe and Transformers 2. Maybe I'll write about that once I see it.


  1. OH SHIT! when i was on the flight going back from vietnam they played this on the plane! xD it was an awesome movie! i liked it :]

  2. you're not late, i didnt even watch that. well i dont want to watch it anyway LOL. but why buy it on DVD when you already watched it. just a bunch of humans and aliens. and i never got to watch G.I. JOE!! bvubt i seen transformers 2. great movie!!