Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Weekend

Its kinda weird how we celebrate Columbus day. Well no matter how strange it is, it still a cool holiday because its just another excuse for not going to school. I spent my weekend taking a test, watching football and celebrating Trung's Birthday. Stayed home on friday to watch the Grandmother and do some last minute studying. Saturday, was alright. Took the exam and jetted out. Brookline High School is nice and all but I just wanted to go leave. Met up with Roger and ate at Rod Dee and then head back home. At home played videogames with Stephen and then decided to head to Zhi's. Chilled there for the whole day and just had a good time :].

Sunday was typical. The fantasy guys came over. Watched most of the games. The guys left to go out while I stayed home at night. Decided to watch Star Trek and do some homework at night. Typical Sunday.

Today, I went to celebrate Trung's birthday. Went to Olive Garden with some friends to celebrate his birthday. Hope you enjoyed it! Went to iparty later and played with some of the costumes. Went back home after.

Pretty much my whole weekend