Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If there is one thing that I miss about being a junior is the amount of homework I used to get. I would just devour myself in history and physic textbooks and read about interesting things. This year, it seems like I barely get any homework, besides for AP Stats. Some of you guys may enjoy the lite load of work but I do not enjoy this at all. I miss all the readings I had to do for history, all the problems for physics and all the things I had to do for English. I know its our senior year and all but shit, I wanna learn something. The lite homework phase is affecting my lifestyle lately too. Often, I would get lazy during the day since there is nothing to do. After studying, I usually take a nap for 2-2.5 hrs. Wake up and work on ALL my homework in 30 minutes. After my homework, I would just sit on my computer, looking through facebook photos or playing videogames. Lazy indeed. I should really use this time to do something productive. Maybe blog more or read some more.

On the right of my page are a list of blogs and sites that I've been reading during my freetime. Maybe, I should find some more sites and blogs to read.

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