Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Going back to school after a long weekend is the worse. Actually, what is even more worse is going to school from 7-4 after a long weekend. Fuck that, I barely learned anything in those extra two hours. Atleast, I got some ice cream and vanilla cake out of it. I was hungry, tired, sleepy and bored to death in class. Seeing all those kids outside the window during class just makes me want to leave. After the gruesome two hours, I waited outside for the bus for 20 minutes. Fell asleep on the bus and missed my bus stop. -.-. It was getting cold and I had to walk back to the stop since it was the most logical thing to do. On the way, I tried this new Monster Drink and tried out the new subway buffalo chicken sandwich. Both weren't too bad. So after grabbing my food, I waited for the train. Shit takes forever. When I got home, ate my sandwich, worked on homework and did some research. Actually got my college list done. Now, I need to talk to my teachers about my recommendations and advice.

I would be surprised if you guys figure out the name of the painting for my new banner.

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