Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 28 09

So I finally got back my practice Ap English exam results back today. Lets just say that I still have lots of room for improvement. I am getting my practice SAT exam results back tomorrow. I want 200 points higher than my last score. If I fail to reach that then I am going to give up on socializing and just focus on school, Sats and volleyball. I've been spending too much time going out, socializing and playing videogames. It is about time for me to get to work. I need to put all the fun and play aside and deal with these problems first. I'll try to update, go on AIM and Facebook ocassionaly but I just need to spend this whole month studying.
Anyways after class today I went to Zhi's house with Jennifer, Ben, Huy, Phuong, Zhi and Tony Lee. Ben, Huy and Phuong left. Jennifer and I stayed for a bit longer and then we left. Before we left we got to talk about Karaoke. We were planning to do it tonight but I decided not to go. Kind of regret it now. Hate the feeling of regret.

Me and Jennifer Camwhoring at Zhi's house. (Stolen from Jennifer's facebook)

Update : Getting my WALE x URB x New Era fitted.. I've been looking for this fitted forever.

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  1. lmao you guys talked about doing karaoke but didnt? WOWIEE lol. should have. but CUTE PICTURE