Sunday, February 8, 2009

My weekend.

So I had a great time this weekend. On Friday, I went to hotpot at zhi's house. It was really fun and there was so much meat. Meat is always good. After hotpot we karaoked for a bit and played some cards as well. It was pretty fun overall. Saturday was a pretty relaxing day. Went down to quincy to hang out with Dustin and Tony. We had our 2nd feminine Saturday. All we did was go to petco, pho and Tony's house. It was pretty relaxing. Today was not that bad. I had to go to class which was a drag but it started one hour late. I missed the second half of the Celtic's game and missed the Laker's game. ARGH. Whatever. O, I made a bomb salad for lunch. It was so good.

Here are some pics(from Dustin's facebook).

Classic Song

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