Tuesday, February 24, 2009


  • Ride Impact 08' - Stephen (left)
  • Burton Custom 09'- Roger (middle)
  • Flow Strike 09' - Me (right)

Finally got them today.

Update: Finally put my bindings on. Here how it looks with them on

K-OS - 4 3 2 1
Never heard of this artist. Got the video of Elitaste's blog. Best blog out there. Keep up the good work Elitaste.


  1. the white one is nice but the one on the left is also nice. and um. why do you always have these jungle videos. wtf lawrence. lmao. and you should remove the word verification on your blog so everytime i comment, i dont have to "type the characters you see in the picture above"

  2. lol. um no. let me just tell you.

    I DIDNT SWEAR AT ALL ON THAT BLOG POST. lmaoo. and it wasnt intended either..so yeah.. kinda surprising. dont you think so? hahaaha..