Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacation update

I haven't done anything really exciting during vacation. I am drenched with SAT studying and Ap English homework. I am currently reading Malcolm X and I love it. It is such a great book. It is like one of those books that can change a person's life for the better. I suggest everyone to read it. I am only half way finished with the book. I know I am a slow reader. I should have finished it by now since I got the book on friday. Oh wells, I still have the rest of the week to finish it. I been wasting a lot of money lately as well. I just bought a New Snowboard. It was a bargain though. 160 dollars for a popular snowboard. I'll take it. Hopefully it comes in soon. All I need now are Bindings and Boots.
Carmines for today, to hang out with Kevin and Jun

Malcolm X

One of my Favorite Anime series and Song
Match Box Twenty - How far we've come

I have a really strong towards amv but this one is an exception

Oh, I forgot to mention Street Fighter IV comes out today. Let me know who it is whoever has it.

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  1. arent you tired of typing with capitals and stuffs? well i hate reading formal stuffs. well not really, cuhs it's not even all that formal so it kinda gets on my nerves lmaoo. and you think you're cute wiht all those sneakasss? lmaaooo