Sunday, February 15, 2009

All Star Weekend

It All-Star weekend baby. :D. So what have I done so far this weekend? You can say I've done a lot but it does not seem like it. On Friday, I got my hair cut and after I went to the school dance with Jennifer, Simon and Tony. The dance was like a jungle there. So many black people. We did not stay for long so we went around Dorchester instead. We first went by this community center in Dorchester to go to another dance but then we realized that we would not fit in. So we went to Boston Bowl instead. Boston Bowl was pretty fun. All we did was play pool and I was able to catch the celebrity Basketball game there as well. After Boston Bowl we went to Brighton for some food. We went to Wing-It. Some spicy food that it was. Tony drove me home later since it was kind of close. Before I left we gave our flowers to Jennifer because we had all bought her flowers. I came home to a bunch of drunk college people playing beer pong. It did not really bother me since I am used to it already but I wish they were not as loud. So I slept pretty late because I was reading Malcom X. My class has to finish that book in one week. Like WTF? and she gave us other assignments as well. WTF. So after reading, I went to sleep. On Saturday, it was Valentine's day. I did not feel like going out because I was afraid that people on the train will be like "what the hell is this loser doing without a girl". I eventually did go out around 3:30. I went to the YMCA. I felt like I had to go because it would be the last weekend before my membership expires. Thinking about it, it seemed like a few weeks ago that I got my membership. The year went by real fast. After going to the YMCA, I went back home to catch the slam dunk contest. Howard should have won. argh. Whatever. Hopefully the game tonight would be good.

Nate Robinson dunking over Dwight Howard.

Kanye West - Diamonds

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