Friday, February 27, 2009

Week update

Week went by pretty fast this week. First two days were slow as hell though. Wed, Thurs and Fri went by pretty fast though. So what have I been up to? Nothing much, just chilling, relaxing, the usual stuff. Been playing a lot of Quakelive. Beta takes a while to load though. The game runs pretty well on the browser. When I first heard of it I thought it was goona look like crap. Guess I was wrong. Volleyball conditioning starts next week. Need to call coach over the weekend after my AP classes. I do not wanna go to class tomorrow. Argh. At least Jennifer and Nancy will be there with me. :D. I have class Sunday too. WTF and I have homework. Well with the amount of relaxation I got, I guess its about time for me to get to work.

Thinking about next pick up. I am aware that I am broke but still thinking about what I should get next. Probably sometime in summer I will pick it up. But here is what I am considering.
  1. Nike Air Foamposite 1
  2. Nike Air Penny Hybrid
  3. Nike Air Eggplant Foamposite
  4. Nike Air Jordan White Cement 4s. 99 retro
  5. Nike SB Dunk Slam City

The killers - Mr.Brightside. One of my fav songs

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  1. well how was your vacation overall? lmao "the usual, chilled"