Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy or Busy

Alright, I haven't given a real entry in a while. Is it because I'm lazy or is it because I have been busy. Well it is a little bit of both. Haven't really been doing much lately. Studying in the AM, whatever in the PM. Sometimes a few friends come over to play some xbox games since I recently hacked it. Actually, I've been playing a lot of xbox lately. Games like Deadspace, Blazblue and Devil May Cry been killing a lot of time. Shows like Entourage and Haruhi keeps me entertained in the afternoon so I am far from being bored. I make it seem like I stay home everyday. But, I don't. I tend to go out a lot during the weekends to hang out and chill. Play a little bit of ball on the weekdays and that is pretty much my whole summer vacation. I didn't start any of my summer reading or my summer work. I plan to do that in August which is a few days from now. Excited? No, I am not. I kinda enjoyed July and I am going to miss it. Hopefully August will be just as fun. Camping in two weeks and who knows how many parties, events and other stuff will take place.

Here are some things I want to in the month of August

  • Karaoke @ Do Re Mi since they have a lot of updated English songs
  • Maybe another bbq
  • A trip to NYC
  • Six Flags
  • etc..

Support my boy, Big Sean.
One of my favorite songs from his mixtape uknowbigsean


  1. the plans for august sounds nice..when you do any of those..tell me! :D