Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok, so the long awaited Marvel VS. Capcom 2 came out on xbla a few days ago. So why am I here blogging? Shouldn't I be playing this terrific game instead? The only problem is that I am FUCKING BROKE. I won't be getting paid till next Monday meaning that I will have to wait till next week to get the game. The game is fairly cheap but I am on a low budget right now until my next pay day. I wasted over 200 hrs playing this game at home with my Dreamcast during vacation, after school, at night, even at volunteer. I even skipped a few days of school when I was in 6th grade just to sit at home and play. Yes, I was a loser back then. Even in the summer when I was volunteering as a custodian, some of the custodians would bring their A game on while the kids were at recess. Playing on the big projector with either a Dreamcast controller or a Playstation controller. They were not big fans of the sequel as I was but nonetheless we just kept on playing and playing and playing like they was no tomorrow. Every time I go to the arcades, I would look for this booth and just start button mashing just cause I wasn't used to arcade sticks and schemes and still not used to them. Can't wait to play this next Monday. Lets see if I can remember what my old team were. I knew I liked to play with Gambit, Strider and Akuma but after seeing people playing online on youtube, I think I need to edit and revise. I still goona stick with Akuma since I know how to use him best. I'll probably switch off between Gambit and Strider depending on what my opponents pick and I wanna experiment with Storm. I've heard good things about her as well as Cable. I am so excited about this game that I started watching matches on youtube just for some old memories. Those were the good days. I wish I can find my Dreamcast and start playing again . I think Ryan still has it :/. argh

Some game play. Look at the crisp graphic!!

fuck it. heading to 7/11 tomorrow morning to pick up my points and downloading it. downloading demo right now.. So I spent like 2-3 hrs just playing the demo w/my brother. ridiculous! Cable and Captain America FTWW in the demo

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