Friday, July 17, 2009

Sex Drugs and Dirty Money

A summer filled “Sex and Drugs and Dirty Money”, wouldn’t that sound nice. Unfortunately, my summer has been far from being nice. Having no summer plans really do suck indeed. All I can really look forward nowadays are the weekends since everyone is free then. Oh well, this means more time for myself during the course of the week. These last two weeks, I have gotten a lot of studying down. Probably like 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs a day. I tend to do my studying in the morning from 9am to noon so I have time for myself in the afternoon. But I realize, I have shit to do in the afternoon. Just been surfing the web and have been playing 360 during the afternoon. I should really get some exercise in and try to get in shape. Maybe after I finish Castlevania.

This summer isn’t a complete failure though. I already made some new friends and had some fun days. But most importantly is that I have something to listen to. Last year, the music that was pouring was just straight up crap. This summer seems to be different. I actually got some shit to listen to. Mike Posner, Wale, Slaughter House, Kid Cudi, Chester French, Big Sean, Asher Roth , B.O.B to name a few. Yeah, back to listening to hip-hop. I also managed to get a trade down for my Nike SB Concepts Blue Lobsters. A really good trade actually. I’m getting a pair of Jordan DMPS. Not the new ones but the old ones. The 6 and 11. My favorite package ever!!!!! I am supposed to receive them sometime next week. Hope the dude comes through.

Overall, summer has been a bummer. Well, I was expecting this because I wasn’t expecting to work or volunteer. I was just planning to study and do whatever pops up.


  1. oh man sounds like is going kinda good so far...been busy thats all...sounds like you like the Jordan package but i thought you wanted the tiffanys and also some other shit..what happened to it?

  2. There's more than a month left of summer. cheer up. and no, sex drugs and dirty money wouldn't be nice. lol
    Lawrence, you expect too much. my summer is just class and work. when i have extra time, i hang out. but now im reading. don't see me complaining. because it's not that bad